The Ultimate Checklist For Business Start Ups

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Ultimate Checklist for Business Start Ups


There are so many elements to building a business and it can be very easy to get overwhelmed with knowing where to start. Getting clear about your vision for your business and lifestyle and deciding who your ideal clients are important first steps in designing your business strategy. But when you add up all the time it takes with the the day to day running of the business, promoting your offers, onboarding new clients and actually doing the work that means you get paid….you start to wonder how you’ll find time to keep on top of everything!

In this blog, I’m going to help you take a step back and see your business as a whole. We’ll look at the mechanics of your business so you can see how far you’ve already come, what’s working and what you can improve so you know where to focus your time and energy.

Don’t worry if this checklist seems a bit overwhelming- it is the “ultimate” checklist, not the “everything you need to do this week” checklist! Rome wasn’t built in a day so carve out the space and time you need so you can get organised. The little improvements you make today will add up to a big shift in a year. Running a business is all work in progress so trust that every step you take now is taking you in the direction of a thriving business!

Your future self will be so grateful you started today.

Use this ultimate checklist for business start ups as a guide to help you see where you are now and plan your actions to take you forward.


Having coached hundreds of business owners, I have created a simple 5 step system for growing a thriving business. I call it, tuning into your business V.I.B.E.S.

V.I.B.E.S stands for Vision, Initial set up and business model, Branding & marketing, Energy & mindset and Scale and sell.

The Create Your Aligned Strategy course helps you create that big picture strategy and the Healing Business Mastermind has over 50 masterclasses to help you with the details of implementing that strategy.


Let’s break down each of the five steps so you can see what is in place and what work is still to do. I have also added links of blogs and resources you can access for free.

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Your vision for your ideal life and business is like a road-map – it guides your decisions, helps you to focus on what’s important to you and minimises any distractions along the way. You can say YES to the things that will take you towards your vision and NO to those that take you away from it. 

  • I know my vision of what kind of business and lifestyle would be fulfilling for me
  • I am crystal clear about my ideal client and their needs
  • I am clear on my business mission and purpose – the bigger why that drives me even when things feel hard.
  • I am practising the law of attraction and getting results


Initial Set Up & Business Model

Your business model ensures that you are clear about your offers, the pricing matches your income goals and your business is set up for clients to easily book in or buy your thing. You know your numbers and your business systems are streamlined and organised.

  • My business model is aligned with my vision and it’s easy for me to make the income that I want
  • I have done the necessary market research to know that this business idea is viable
  • I am clear about my products and services
  • I am clear about my pricing
  • I have the correct qualifications and insurances in place for the work I am doing
  • I have a place to work that meets the needs of me and my clients
  • I have registered with HMRC / relevant tax authorities
  • I am keeping accurate records of my income and outgoings
  • I am clear about the financial health of my business – I know the numbers
  • I am being paid well for the amount for the value I give
  • I have a straight-forward booking system so clients can easily book sessions or buy my product/services
  • I manage my time well and have a good balance of work and play


Branding & Marketing

Creating a distinguishable brand and having a consistent, repeatable client attraction method means that you can let go of feast and famine periods in your business and create a steady stream of happy, paying clients.

  • I have a business name
  • I have a logo
  • I know where I can attract my ideal clients
  • I have a website / blog
  • I have a clear marketing process for customers to discover me, buy from me and it is bringing a steady flow of clients
  • I have a consistent brand image – colours, images, tone of voice, etc that appeals to my ideal client
  • I have a clear weekly, monthly and yearly content and event/promotions plan
  • I have empowering beliefs about selling
  • I share testimonials from my clients and some from this list depending on your marketing strategy:
  • I am active on social media Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn / Pinterest / YouTube – depending on where my ideal clients hang out online.
  • I am actively building my network

Energy & Mindset

Taking care of your health and wellbeing is vital if you would like your business to be sustainable for the long term. Healing the mindset and energy blocks that come up as you learn new things, promote your business and open up to receive, means that you can feel safe as you uplevel your life and business. 

  • I can see by my results what is aligned and flowing in my business
  • I am open to receiving
  • I believe my ideal clients can afford my products and services
  • I have confidence in my ability to do this work
  • I believe it is possible for me to create a thriving business
  • I have support around me if I meet any challenges
  • I have a coach / mentor and have consciously designed a network of support around me
  • I am committed to creating a thriving business
  • I feel motivated most of the time
  • I work with the cycles and rhythms of my energy and the seasons

Sell and Scale


In order to grow your business and your income, you need to be able to sell. Scaling, whether through outsourcing, advertising or systemising/automating your business can help you release any limits on your time, income and results.

  • I feel confident to promote my products and services and love making sales
  • I have empowering beliefs about selling
  • I track my activity and results and I know what works. This informs my strategy and I make aligned decisions based on this information.
  • I schedule posts on social media ahead of time
  • I have a marketing and business strategy that allows my business to grow
  • If I stop working (e.g. to take a holiday) then my business still pays me
  • I outsource tasks to other people or technology to free my time
  • I have an automated way of attracting new customers into my business
  • I attend regular training for continued professional development
  • I am continually improving the products and services my customers receive

Next Steps / Coaching Questions

Looking at the 5 V.I.B.E.S steps above

What areas do you have most things in place?

What areas do you have the least amount of things in place?

What can you learn about your business in this exercise, in terms of what’s going well and what can be improved?

Which one area would be the most beneficial for you to focus on improving?

What impact would that improvement have on your business?


Turning insights into action:

Implementation is key if you would like things to change! What action can you take following the insights you’ve received in this blog?

What’s my first step?

When will I complete these actions?

What help/support or further information do I need to move forward?

Break down the bigger projects into smaller smaller tasks using this free project planner printable. Click the image below: 



Do you need some extra help and support?

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