Want more money? Stop Over-Giving and Under-Charging For Good!

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Want More Money? Stop Over-Giving and Under-Charging For Good!

Hey lovely, I see you out there, giving amazing value to your audience and clients while secretly questioning your worth. You have a big heart and want to help and support others, even though it can take it toll on your energy, your finances and your health to do so.

I know you justify your lack of financial results and tell yourself it’s OK because you have helped others, and of course, that is important to you. However, if you were to be truly and deeply honest with yourself – how is it really making you feel to run your business with this lack of receiving?

Giving and Receiving In Harmony

I want you to know that you can have BOTH! You can help others with incredible transformation and receive money.
You can give and receive in harmony.

How blocks to receiving can show up

  • Over giving (time or stuff)
  • Under charging
  • Feeling depleted
  • Staying small

When in a lack of receiving state and exhausted with the clients you are over giving to and under charging, it’s not appealing to want to attract more clients! Surely that will be mean you’ll be even more depleted and why would you want that? The fear is that it’d lead to more stress and less time. It’s tempting to contract and stay small in this state and put the brakes on scaling your business for fear of burning out.

What if you could get paid well for the service you provide, have your giving and receiving in harmony and feel energised by working with clients? It would be much more appealing to to grow your business and expand into it if that were true. There’d be less procrastination and much more joy, flow and ease. Just imagine, what that could do for your life and business!

How to open up to receive in your business

Here are some journal prompts to help you to raise awareness of how receiving is for you, so you can start to bringing it into harmony.

1. Bring your awareness now to the physical and energetic leaks you have in your business.

a. Where are you giving more than you need to? Either time or with unnecessary extras. Where are you not charging enough? How is this making you feel? 

b. What thoughts, feelings or sensations come up when you think about stopping undercharging and over giving?

c. What’s the short term and long term impact of carrying on like this to your energy, finances and results?

2. How would you look, feel, be when those leaks were no longer there? What would be different in your energy, finances and results if you were able to receive more? What else would be different?

3. What is the first step to stopping the leaks and opening up to receive more? What would you need to believe is true for that to happen?


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3 steps to success:

> Draw a line now and commit to receiving more
> Be grateful for what you already have
> Set intentions of what you would like to receive


What would you like to receive more of in your life?

Have you had the courage to ask for those things? What action can you take today to speed things up?⁠ Who do you need to become to make that happen? Here are some ideas:

🙋‍♀️If you want more friendships, reach out to your friend or join our Healing Business Academy FB community.⁠
🎨If you want more more fun and creative inspiration, make time to play.⁠
🥰If you want more loving relationships, be more loving.⁠
💸If you want more money, stop over-giving, under-charging and be open to receiving.⁠
⌚If you want more time, organise your diary.⁠
🍎If you want more health and vitality, make healthy choices.⁠

Trust and know with complete certainty that you can have whatever you have the courage to ask for! All you need to do is set your intention, ask and open up to receive.⁠ Align with the energy and really feel how it feels to have it in your life. Find a way to connect with this energy regularly- you could put reminders around or have a particular affirmation that you write or say every day. Bring it into your conscious awareness and trust, with complete knowing, that it is on it’s way to you.

Practice Receiving

Begin practicing receiving small things every day to help you open up. It could be a smile, a compliment or letting your friend buy you a coffee. You know how good it feels to give, don’t you?! Allow other people to experience that good feeling by letting them give to you.

If you haven’t put your prices up in over a year it’s time to review them. It’s likely that you have grown in skills, knowledge and experience since then.

Are you paying yourself first? How much of your income do you actually get to keep? Have you ever paid for something expensive for your business relatively easily, but struggle to spend the same amount on yourself? I used to do that a lot – I’d think nothing of spending thousands on personal development but would find it difficult to spend a fraction of that on myself. When I shifted this and allowed myself to receive, my feelings of abundance grew! I started investing in myself in pleasurable ways, not just for the business and it really boosted my energy. You don’t have to choose between either / or – you can have both. 

If you find that you keep putting money back into your business, commit to paying yourself and receive the rewards from your efforts. It’ll be motivating and increase your success and feelings of fulfilment.

 Let’s affirm together:

I deserve to receive.
I am worthy.
It’s safe to receive!
I am open to receiving the gifts of the universe.
The amount of abundance I can receive is limitless!

 I trust this has given you some food for thought and inspiration to claim more abundance in your life. What action would you like to take forward so you can move be more receptive and enjoy the fruits of your work?

What’s your first step and when are you going to take it?


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Do you need some extra help and support?

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As empaths and highly sensitive people who love to be generous, receiving can be something that doesn’t come as naturally as giving! Maybe you reached a point where giving felt like too much so you flipped to the other side of the spectrum to over-receiving?!  

Over giving / under receiving can impact on your pricing, your sales as well as your energy levels, often keeping you in a state of lack and can lead to burn out. It’s important to identify the leaks in your business and bring balance.

 Over receiving / under giving can impact on your relationships and connections. You may be so focused on what you can receive, that it gets in the way of you nurturing yourself and others.

 Ideally it’s good to have harmony with both giving and receiving in your life and business so you can create success in alignment with your vision and values!

 In the Being Open To Receive In Harmony masterclass you will learn:

  • How in harmony your giving and receiving is
  • Tune in to what you’re currently receiving and how aligned that is with what you are asking for
  • Learn the underlying limiting beliefs that may be driving this way of being
  • Set clear intentions of what you would like to receive going forward and what specific actions you can take to bring harmony

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