My Fulfilled Life

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Intentionally Manifest Your Ideal Life and Business
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Flatlay of My Fulfilled Life Planner with a pink and cream flower at the top right of the image, on a soft focus background.

This My Fulfilled Life business journal planner is designed to help you create your vision for your life and business and stay aligned with your goals all year round.

The planner includes monthly and quarterly reviews, in tune with the equinox and solstices.

Choose to vision from January to December or start any time with the Undated version, With the planner you can focus on your business and lifestyle.

There are three key exercises that enable you to:

  • reflect where you are in 8 key categories of your life or business today so you know where to focus your attention, time and energy in the coming year.
  • activate law of attraction and multi-sensory techniques to design how you would like your life to be and manifest it with ease
  • transform your dream into a detailed goal and plan of action, with an annual, quarterly and monthly milestones and metrics trackers to review your progress
  • align your marketing and promotions to your business goals giving you a visual reminder to check in with. This means if you get busy or distracted, you have a place to reconnect with your big picture strategy on a regular basis.

"The secret to creating your dream life is to hold a crystal clear vision of it, feel it in every sense in your body, and walk towards it every day”

Sarah Sienkiewicz

Planner Reviews

This book is great, full of wonderful tips and tools to get the best out of life and business.

Vicky Rainbow

This planner is now part of my daily routine. It has been so nice to just go to each day knowing exactly what I’m doing each day is moving me further towards my goals and dreams. An absolute must have, thank you!!!!

Charlotte Townend

My Fulfilled Life Planner is a great resource for holistic business owners, keeping you focused on what your big vision is that you’re moving towards. It’s beautifully laid out and the cover feels very nice, which I think some people will find important. I like the reflective questions in it and it feels very special. The title My Fulfilled Life is important to me because rather than being too focused on just my business it reminds me why I’m doing this and to have a balanced and rounded approach to life. I think it’s amazing!

Ciara Bruton

What you’ll get…

  • Yearly overview oracle card spread and activation scripts to bring your intuition and inner wisdom to this process. This means your head (strategic planning) and heart (intuition and flow) are working together in alignment as you move toward your Fulfilled Life
  • ​​Mind map your ideal year, including your marketing promotions, helping you to reduce overwhelm by spacing out your projects so you have the freedom to achieve everything you want, without burning out
  • Goal getting exercise to bring your dreams into a grounded and practical plan of action
  • Reflect, Plan, Action system .so you can remain in alignment with quarterly and monthly milestones, plus a week on a page view. This helps you to align to your goals throughout the all year, meaning they don’t fizzle out past January. By reflecting on what’s working and what can improve, you can make incremental gains throughout the year as well as have a beautiful record of the achievements and happy moments to look back on.
  • Optional bonus – Monthly emails giving you gentle reminders, support and accountability to help you stay on track with extra bonus gifts throughout the year.

The My Fulfilled Live Planner is a journal practice that gives you the structure and consistency you need to create your business goals and remain in alignment with your vision and intention all year.


Using this business journal planner helps you to keep your focus on what is most important to you and your business. Most people will veer off track- that’s normal! But the difference with successful people is that they are aware of it quickly and continually course-correct towards the direction they want to go, rather than lose time with distractions.

Planning with the My Fulfilled Life A4 planner is not about creating regimented plans and aiming to be perfect. It a practice where you can create a sacred space to come home to yourself, hear the whispers of your heart and soul and align yourself to your highest vision for your life and business on a regular basis.

About The Author

I developed this system because I used to find being consistent really hard! As a stay at home working mum, I find it easy to get distracted and used to finish each year feeling like there was so many things I hadn’t done, not because they weren’t important to me but because I would chase shiny objects and end up with not much to show for it. I’d prioritise everyone else and not give space for my dreams to grow. Can you relate?!

I designed the life I’m living today in my journal using the the law of attraction and these planning techniques. I love blending logic with intuitive practice and breaking down the big picture vision into easy baby steps. I have created this book to help you create a clear vision and take focused action to live a fulfilled life, by design. There’s a free bonus too so you can receive email reminders, journal prompts and affirmations so you can trust that you can stay consistent and enthusiastic throughout the year.

Wishing you infinite blessings on your journey to a life you love!

Sarah Sienkiewicz

Are you ready?


Ready to stop winging it, take your business seriously and take strategic, grounded action?

Ready to develop a journal practice that brings you more consistent results?

Ready to get organised, start saying no to distractions to YES to success?

Ready to make a difference in the world and help to raise the consciousness of the planet through the vehicle of your business?

Yay! Let’s get started!

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