Crack the Code To Be More Visible In Business

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 Crack the Code To Be More Visible In Business

How do you feel out of 10, when it comes to being more visible in your business?

1 = max stress response, sweaty palms, heart racing and would rather hide under your duvet forever than be more visible.
5 = you’re getting used to it but prefer to share with people you know and get stranger danger vibes when it comes to stepping outside your existing audience
10 = you’re shining your beautiful light like the glorious goddess you are, fully owning your expertise and it’s bringing you plenty of opportunities and new clients.

In my experience, being more visible is one of those common stumbling blocks to implementing your marketing strategy. You can have the best product or service and the best marketing plan in the world, but if you have some hesitancy (or complete and utter terror!) around showing up and being seen, it can affect how much action you take, and how much progress you make. And that affects how much impact you get to create for your clients and how much money you receive in return.

Introducing the Visibility Pyramid

“Visibility” is a big topic so I created the “Visibility Pyramid” to illustrate how you can put the building blocks in place, starting with a strong foundation of self love, compassion and acceptance, to help you to be more visible in an aligned way.⁠

It breaks it down into manageable pieces to make it really easy for you to see where the gaps may be for you. That way you can see where to focus your attention and next steps.


Foundation: Inner Work

Having a growth mindset and loving yourself unconditionally. Believing in what you have to offer is the best starting point from which to take action.⁠


Step 2: Marketing Strategy

Knowing clearly who you serve, how you reach them and creating aligned offers that your ideal clients want to buy, means that your message will be clear and attractive.⁠

Need help with your marketing strategy? Check out this fab quiz to help you discover your next steps to attracting clients into your business.


Step 3: Platform and Authority

Being on the right platform and owning your expertise. Being a leader and an authority means you are recognised as the go to person in your industry.⁠


Step 4: Having the Courage to Be Visible

Feeling confident to stand in your power, shine your light and share your offers with a wider audience. No masks, no filters, no crippling perfectionism or imposter syndrome. Completely clear of your message and being in congruence with who you are and who you serve. You love having fun with which ever platform suits you and your business the best.

Yes you are allowed and encouraged to have lots of fun and time to play in your business!  

Which building blocks do you have in place already?

Which building blocks are missing?

How are the gaps affecting your ability to be more visible?⁠

How would you like it to be?


Common visibility mistakes:⁠

Being more visible doesn’t mean just showing up more on social media for the sake of it. When choosing your visibility method, make sure you are being strategic. What I mean by that is that is, make sure you choose an activity that is aligned with your goals and is designed to help you to get the results you are looking for.⁠

Common visibility mistakes or misunderstanding I’ve seen: 

X Allowing the “inner mean girl” voice in your head to be louder than your “inner cheerleader” which knocks your confidence before you’ve even started.
X Showing up more on social media, but not asking for sales. so you don’t get the results from your efforts.
X Making content or videos giving value, but having no call to action.⁠
X Taking the lack of results personally and internalising it, thinking there must be something wrong with you or your ideas (leading to the self-doubt spiral, deep down to the pit of despair). The truth is more likely that it’s simply cause and effect because you haven’t asked for the sale or haven’t reach enough of the right people.
X Procrasti-planning or waiting until your content is perfectly laid out in logical order….when in reality, people won’t read everything you post in the same order that you wrote it.⁠


Which ones can you relate to?!⁠

Visibility Challenge

 To recap, being visible consists of:

  • Having the courage to be seen, underpinned by self-love and self-belief
  • Purposefully being seen by the right people and strategically grow and nurture your audience so you can attract clients
  • Owning your authority and being visible in a way that feels exciting, energising and joyful for you
  • Shining your beautiful light, being a beacon for your ideal clients and the go to expert in your field.

If you were to set yourself a challenge for 30 days to be more visible, where would you put your focus?

You could choose inner work, marketing strategy, platform and authority or perhaps you’re ready to simply put yourself out there and go for it?


What goal would you set and what outcomes would you like to receive through being more visible?

Your goal could be to sell more products, attract more clients or grow your email list or Facebook group.⁠ Your goal could be to hit an income goal or something less tangible like increasing your confidence.

Choose one way to be more visible and get clear about your goal. action plan and next steps.

What’s your first step and when are you going to take it?

 Come and share your intentions for extra accountability in the Healing Business Academy Facebook Community.

And finally…The Path To Being More Visible Isn’t Linear

Please know that, although the Visibility Pyramid is laid out here as a linear step by step path, just like climbing a mountain there are many to paths choose from!

Being move visible is an evolution and it may take some experimentation and dancing up and down the pyramid before you get into your groove with it so you can find the path that feels most aligned and true for you.

I encourage you to experiment, try new things and find what works for you. You don’t have to wait for all the pieces to be in place so take a leap of faith and get out there so you learn from each experience.

If you find yourself getting stuck or not quite getting the results, return to the pyramid and see what building blocks you can improve on to strengthen your journey.


Do you need some extra help and support?


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-Identify and release the emotional and practical blocks you are facing to raising your profile giving you fresh insights into your next steps.
-Create an affirmation and action plan so you can move forward with clarity, accountability and courage.

Plus we have two Bonuses: Tapping Script to help you to shift the energy around being seen and sharing your gifts and a Guided Visualisation to help you to shift the stories in your imagination and give you confidence any time you are about to step forward and be more visible.

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