Simplify Your Marketing
And Magnetically Attract Clients

without the hustle and overwhelm

Introducing the Healing Business Mastermind!


The Mastermind is the perfect solution for you if you want to consistently and ethically attract clients into your coaching or wellness practice, even if you are a highly sensitive empath who gets overwhelmed sometimes!

In the Mastermind you will learn how to create a simple strategy for attracting clients and activate it with visioning and law of attraction.

And if the thought of attracting new clients makes you secretly nervous, that’s totally OK! You will learn how to heal your inner critic who plants seeds of doubt that you aren’t good enough and instead grow in self-belief. You’ll access simple templates and productivity hacks so you can get organised. meaning onboarding new clients is seamless and stress-free.

It’s not just information: it’s magical co-creation!

Activate an empowering mindset with block-busting tapping videos, affirmation audios and guided visualisations, giving you the courage to be visible and receive even more abundance and success in your life.

The fortnightly group coaching calls and monthly co-working calls give you support from like-minded business owners, accountability and help you make the income-generating, client-attracting activities your focus!
Check out the 2024 call dates here.

Serving others does not have to mean sacrificing your own needs and desires. By making a difference in the lives of others and receiving more money, it means you can live the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of. You can turn your vision board into reality and share your abundance with the world.

"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself"

Glinda, Wizard of Oz

What the member’s are saying

Sarah is superb at keeping me focused on my goal, and has all the answers I need at her fingertips!


Tai Chi Chih Teacher

I have recently joined The Healing Business Mastermind and I highly recommend doing so for anyone who either wants to start a business or take their business to the next level.

The online hub is packed full of information and inspiration, perfectly organised to take you step-by-step to create an online business. The group coaching calls are fantastic for accountability and bringing you together. It can be so lonely working for yourself so having these dedicated calls to check in with other like-minded businesses is fantastic.

Sarah is a fantastic coach, I always finish the sessions feeling calmer yet motivated and with clear direction for my next steps.



I just want to say to anyone who is thinking of joining Sarah’s mastermind group to go for it. Not only are there every practical tip you could ask for but also the spiritual, energetic side that will definitely keep you aligned with what you’re doing.

I just had a fabulous 121 session with Sarah. I’m in such a good place because of it and excited about marketing my next workshop, coming from an authentic, loving place.


Coach & Facilitator

What you’ll get…

Crystal Clear Vision & Strategy
Simple Systems that Enable Ease and Flow
    • Access to the Create Your Aligned Strategy Course. 6 modules designed to help you get crystal clear about your vision, business model, marketing strategy, mindset and energy alignment and sales and promotions. This will give you a solid foundation to building a profitable business and attracting clients with ease. Plus monthly Q&A calls. To find out more about the Course here
    • Unlimited access to the masterclasses. Downloadable guidebooks and accompanying training videos giving you simple, easy to follow exercises that help you to dive deeper into marketing strategies and shifting energy blocks. You can create your unique pathway to successfully attracting more people to share your healing gift with. The videos are purposefully short and sweet to ensure you can be productive and avoid feeling overwhelmed by too much information. Discover the masterclasses available here.
    • ​​Focus on implementation – every masterclass includes an action plan so you can translate the information into practical steps you can take to make giant leaps forward in your business.
    • Guided visualisations, tapping scripts and affirmations to accompany the practical work to ensure your head and heart are aligned as you move forward with clarity. We remove the barriers, blocks and self-sabotage so you can be focused, congruent and free to move forward with ease.
    •  Fortnightly group coaching calls and monthly co-working calls to maximise your progress, get stuff done and be accountable. It’s a chance to get all the help and support you need and connect with the other like-minded members.

The Healing Business Mastermind is THE go to place to get the online training and community support you need to build a profitable wellness business and step into your power to fulfil your life purpose.

About Your Coach

Hey, I’m Sarah, a Business Strategy and Energy Alignment Coach, Amazon #1 best seller and EFT Therapist with a corporate background in streamlining systems, coordinating projects and delivering training. I work in the health and wellbeing community to empower holistic business owners to create a business getting paid well to do what they LOVE!

I am passionate about bringing health, wealth, equality and vitality to the world and know I can’t do it alone! My work at Healing Business is part of a movement of healers, coaches and therapists who are working collectively to raise the consciousness of the planet through mind, body, energy, spiritual, creative and environmental channels. My mission is to support as many wellness practitioners as possible so that we can shine our light and make a difference in the world.

Together we rise.

Are you ready?


Ready to open up and receive the abundance that deep down you KNOW is possible for you?

Ready to create transformation for others, put your qualifications into practice and serve in a big way?

Ready to get organised, be consistent and allow building a business to be profitable, easy and joyful?

Ready to make a difference in the world and help to raise the consciousness of the planet through the vehicle of your business?

Yay! Let’s get started!

The Small Print…

All Mastermind members are encouraged to complete the Create Your Aligned Strategy Course before diving into the Masterclasses. This is so you are starting with a strategic foundation. You can take the course separately first here, or purchase the Course and the Mastermind at the same time.

The Mastermind has a minimum term of 6 months to give members time to put into practice the training and get results. After 6 months you can sign up and pay a monthly subscription of £49 a month. This will renew automatically until cancelled.

If you have taken the Create Your Aligned Strategy course already, and would like to just add the Mastermind access, go to module 6 for the link to set up your subscription.

All content delivered whether by Healing Business or guest experts is for information purposes only and should not be interpreted as advice.  Results may vary between individuals and results are not promised or guaranteed.

To read the full terms of business for the Mastermind, click here.