Grow Your Wellness Business Without Depleting Your Energy

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Running a successful wellness business, without depleting your energy

Let’s be honest, it can take quite a lot of energy to get your business off the ground.

One of the keys to creating success is to make sure that you prioritise your needs and listen to your body. It can be tempting to think that you need to hustle or go at full speed in order to “make it”. The danger is that this pace is not sustainable in the long term and can lead to burnout.

I have certainly had times when I’ve pushed too hard for too long and I pushed my body out of alignment. I tested my limits but the benefit was that I became knowledgeable in the process about working with the cycles and rhythms of my body and living more in flow.

Hustle In Harmony

I’m not saying don’t hustle. When hustle energy is positively expressed it’s joyful, bouncy, energising, fun and powerful- and it gets results! It drives your business forward and shows you what can be achieved when you are in the zone. It’s exhilarating and the adrenaline gives you a buzz.

But it’s meant to be a short term thing. Like the cheetah running at top speed, it’s not about endurance. She runs in short sharp bursts, carefully prowling up to her target- totally focused on her goal, getting as close as possible before that super burst of energy.

Funnily enough I was given this sign as a power animal when I was on the cusp of burnout and I didn’t understand the meaning at the time. Now it is crystal clear!! The negative aspect of hustle is depletion of energy, overwhelm, being too busy with lack of focus, frantic, frenetic, exhausting. Ultimately leading to burn out.

I didn’t know how to stop so my body did it for me. If you are worried about yourself, please reach out and get support. It has taken a while to readjust and realign but my life is a million times better as a result.

In this blog I’m going to share 10 ways to grow your business without depleting your energy so you can have space to breathe, work at a slower pace when you need to and allow yourself space for more focus, more joy, more creativity and loads more harmony!


Here are my top ten ways to avoid depleting your energy while building your business:

 1.        Forget Facebook/ Instagram comparisons

Learn from your mentors for sure, but don’t compare your chapter 1 with someone else’s chapter 10.

Follow your feelings. If spending too much time on social media is bringing you down, tune in to what is going on and empower yourself to make a healthier choice. Try reading a book or talking to a business bestie instead.


2.        Protect your energy

When working with clients it is important to create a healing space that you open and close down.

You may like to create a ritual around this to help you to remember. Like washing your hands before and after a session or lighting a candle and blowing it out. This will help you remain energetically detached from your clients so you don’t take on their “stuff” and not feel drained after sessions.


3.        Look after your mind, body, energy with nutrition, movement and relaxation

If you find you are too busy to eat well, exercise or take care of yourself then you need better diary management and boundaries!

Tune in to your beliefs about nurturing yourself. You only have one body, one life – take care of it!

Ask yourself – if I continue living like this, how will my health be in one year from now? Create some space to decide how you would like it to be and take baby steps each day in that direction.


4.        Get a hobby!

Having a hobby is a great way to unwind and relax. By taking time out from your business, you’ll find you have more inspired ideas and it can also be a way to socialise with others. Sometimes it can be easy to get unhealthily obsessed by our businesses and you’ll benefit from being able to step back and get a different perspective.

Did you know that Albert Einstein played the violin? When he was struggling to solve a problem, he’d take a break and play the violin. This gave his brain the space it needed to solve the problem. You may notice you get your best ideas while walking, driving or taking a shower. Build these activities into your life and create space for fresh thinking.

5.        Laugh!

Release those endorphins with a good belly laugh. If you’ve been taking life a bit too seriously lately, check out a comedy film or meet up with friends for a giggle. It’s a great stress-reliever and boosts your mental health.

Watch this interview with Cat Goodge if you’d like to find out more about the benefits of Laughter Yoga.



6.        Spend time with friends

Everyone’s busy and it can be easy to let friendships slide. But it’s so important to have people around you – we are tribal people and are not designed to live in isolation. Having a sense of belonging is vital for our wellbeing. Find your tribe and surround yourself with like-minded people. It’s OK to ask for help, especially if you are usually the one to be supportive. People love to be helpful so allow yourself to receive the support and care of others.

7.        Create a support network around yourself

At the One Of Many Women conference, Dr Joanna Martin talked about consciously designing your network.

Looking at the different areas of your life, do you have someone you can turn to if you needed help in Money, Love, Health, Relationships, Work etc? It’s ideal to have this in place before you need it! Have a think about what support you need and who you would turn to. Identify any gaps and set the intention to build relationships.


8.        Set boundaries with work and take time out

When you run a business, it can become all-consuming if you let it. Set holidays at the beginning of the year so you have pre-arranged time out.

Create a default diary so you have set days and times that you work – and stick to it. I found I was in a catch 22…. where I had neglected my friendships, work filled a lonely void. But working all the time made me neglect my friendships. Break the cycle and if you have a tendency to over-work, tune in and discover what you are missing out on or avoiding. Empower yourself to bring balance to your work life.

9.        Don’t give away too much for free

Make sure your giving and receiving is in harmony and you are receiving value for what you give out to the world. This will ensure that your energy remains balanced and you aren’t depleted. Key feelings that show you may be out of balance are: resentment, martyrdom, exhaustion, dis-empowered, not worthy. Let your feelings be your guide and allow yourself to feel rewarded, equal, valuable and valued and worthwhile.

Read this blog for tips on how to make your giving and receiving in harmony.


10.        If it’s not bringing you joy, phase it out

Your business will evolve and grow. Allow the changes to flow and if what you are doing is no longer bringing you joy, give yourself permission to phase it out.

Doing something out of perceived obligation will deplete you over time. Listen to the truth in your heart and the whispers of your soul. Deep down, you know your own wisdom and as hard as it can be sometimes to think how we can stop doing something, mostly that fear comes down to other people’s expectations or vows you made a different time in your life. Allow life, your business and projects to be fluid. Learn to quickly let go what is no longer serving you. Doing it slowly simply prolongs the agony! Be decisive and confident in your inspiration. Give yourself the space to live the best version of your life.

Be Less Busy and More Productive

Another way to create sustainable growth without burning out is to regularly take a step back to see if the actions you are taking are aligned to where you want to go.

It’s so easy to feel busy and yet be making no progress, repeating patterns and still not living your ideal lifestyle.

I’d like to invite you to tune in to what’s working and what’s working in your business. By doing so, it’s another way to energetically and practically clear the way for more energy, success, time and money to come into your life. Yay for abundance and consciously choosing to make your dream life and business a reality!

Here are a couple of coaching questions to reflect on:

  1. Is the way you’re currently spending your time, giving you the kind of results that you are looking for? Do your words and actions align with your goals?
  2. Are your physical, emotional and financial needs being met? If not, how would you like it to be? What do you need to do and who do you need to become to make sure your needs are being met?
  3. Are there things that you can let go of, improve or make more efficient so that you are more energised and fulfilled?

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Bonus lesson on how to work with the energies of your cycles and the seasons so you can work in a natural and aligned rhythm.

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If you feel your work life is spiralling out of control but you don’t know how to stop, please do reach out. And if you have a fab balance, come and share your top tips with us in the Healing Business Academy Facebook community!


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