A community of lightworkers, therapists and healers who are on a mission to make the world a better place.

Healing Business Mastermind gives you the practical tools and energetic alignment to empower you to serve more people, receive abundance and create a life and business you LOVE!

This is not just about making more money. It's about making a difference to the lives of others and collectively raising the energy of the planet towards health, wealth and vitality for all.
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Be clear about who you are attracting, what language to use to share your crystal clear message. This is the key to your marketing plan!

Attract more paying clients who LOVE you for the results you bring!

Understand the simple way that people can flow through from tell to sell, without feeling awkward or having to resort to dodgy manipulative techniques.

Feel CONFIDENT with your personalised blueprint for success

In as little as THREE WEEKS you'll have a clear marketing strategy, streamlined sales process, social media content plan and will have all the tools you need to attract happy, paying clients, again and again.
What The Members Say:

I Feel Confident And Productive

My breakthrough session wth Sarah gave me a really positive kickstart for my project and helped me to action a few changes to my business for the better. I left feeling confident and productive, especially having plans that I could get started on right away!
Jenny, Sports Massage Therapist

Amazing Network

Sarah is very knowledgeable and generous with her support in the group. It is also helpful and inspiring that she shares her process of developing her business as she goes. Tamara, EFT Therapist

I Was Able To Launch My First Online Program

As a result of working with Sarah she significantly shifted my energy and guided me to launch my first online programme.
Nicola, Hypnotherapist

Stronger Foundation

The Master Your Marketing programme helped me to understand my mission and ideal client better so that I could create a stronger foundation for my marketing. I felt like I understood the different part of the marketing funnel better because of how she explained it, so it made sense.
Jacqui, Theta Healer
Recap: What You're Gonna Get
  • Ideal business guided visualisation Get a crystal clear picture and connect with the vision and energy of your business so you can be on course for success- whatever that looks like for you.
  • In depth ideal client profile This is the key to unlocking all of your marketing strategy and connect with the people you LOVE to work with.
  • Sales funnel You’ll create a clear strategy for your business and logical steps for your ideal customers to take to buy- that's completely unique to your business- and inspires you to take action.
  •  Marketing strategy with clear objectives, activity planner so you can feel in control, organised and CONSISTENT and feel in alignment with creativity and flow.
  •  Instant access to the FREE ONLINE COURSE Marketing Masterclass. Get started straight away and Master Your Marketing in as little as three weeks.
  •   Downloadable workbooks and accompanying training videos. Simple, easy to follow exercises to create your unique pathway to successfully attracting more people to share your healing gift with. The videos are no more than 15-20 minutes long. They are purposefully short and sweet to ensure you can be productive and avoid feeling overwhelmed by too much information.
  •  Complete clarity on your marketing strategy, message and a simple, achievable plan to implement it. Takes the stress of the unknown away so you can start getting the results that are waiting for you! And have fun along the way! We have a lighthearted approach to the work to make it productive AND enjoyable!
  •  Release your energy blocks to receiving. Supporting you energetically, not just logically, so you can move forward with your head and heart in alignment. We know it's all energy! So let's work in a high-vibe way to start juicing up your business and getting energy, inspiration and money flowing again.
  •  Facebook community for bonus information, resources and support. Join a wonderfully positive and friendly group of like-minded people who you can share the journey with.
  •  Access into the Healing Business Mastermind - an exclusive members area where you get lifetime access to the course as long as you remain a member, plus brand new modules every month to give you momentum and growth in your life and business!
  •  Annual, Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly Goal Setting, Goal Tracking Accountability and Support to help you to create your ideal life and business - by design. No more drifting aimlessly without purpose. This will give you the keys to unlock your potential.
  •  PLUS brand new content added every month on all aspects of creating a thriving business and lifestyle so you can be assured you are supported every step of the way as you help more people, make more money and create abundance!
  •  No contracts, cancel at any time so you can feel 100% secure in your decision to join the membership. I offer a 21 day no fuss money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose by coming in and giving it a try.
Case Study
Clare Crouch
Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist
Apple Nutrition
"I’d been on a few workshops before and although I logically understood what I ought to be doing to market my business I felt some resistance to actually doing it. Sarah delivered this course in a way that made everything fall into place and it really helped me discover why I do what I do and who my ideal client is. This was a revelation and has completely changed the way I see the future of my business. I’ve achieved so much since completing this course. A complete redesign of my logo and website came first and I’ve finally published an e-book which had been lingering on my to-do list with an unclear purpose for over a year. My marketing is still a work in progress but my message is becoming clearer and I am already attracting more enquiries from the kind of people I love working with. If, like me, you’re struggling to align your head with your heart when it comes to marketing your business then I highly recommend this course".
Your Coach And Trainer
Sarah is a qualified and intuitive life coach and energist with a corporate background in streamlining systems, coordinating projects and training. She works in the health and wellbeing community to empower people with healing gifts so they can better serve people who seek healing.

Sarah is passionate about bringing health, wealth and vitality to the world and knows she can't do it alone! Her work at Healing Business Academy is part of a movement of lightworkers who are working collectively to raise the consciousness of the planet through mind, body, energy, spiritual and environmental channels. Sarah's mission is to support as many healers as possible so they can shine their light and make a difference in the world.


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