Activate The Law of Attraction To Manifest Your Business Goals

Author: Sarah Sienkiewicz
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Activate The Law of Attraction To Manifest Your Business Goals


Whether you are a newbie to Law of Attraction or a master manifestor, the Law of Attraction is always working for you!

You may have heard the sayings “what you focus on grows” and “your vibe attracts your tribe”.

In this blog I’m going to show you how you can apply manifesting to your Healing Business so the work you do in the outer world, like marketing and going after your big goals, is supported by your beliefs and intentions in your inner world. This means that your head and heart are always working in harmony and can speed up the results you receive.

When you know the practical mechanics of how law of attraction works, you can receive the support of the universe and open up to miracles. This is great news because you don’t have to do everything by yourself! When you can let go of doubts and go with the flow, it’s incredible what synchronicities and opportunities show up along the way.

In all my years of being in business, one of my main marketing strategies is still “ask, believe, and receive”!


 So what is Law of Attraction?

The premise of Law of Attraction is very simple. It works whether you are scientific (quantum physics and the reticular activating system in your brain) or spiritual (God, the universe answering your prayers and cosmic ordering). Basically, your brain is designed to filter information and, like a beacon, it hones in on what is most important to you. Your brain is programmed to be more aware and “attracted” to the things you think about the most.

We see this showing up and call it “synchronicity”.

Here’s a quick example – A local company sponsored my daughter’s football team and, having never noticed their vans driving around town before, I suddenly saw them regularly after their logo appeared on the team football kit. Before that, my brain had filtered the vans out as unimportant, so I didn’t notice them. Can you think of a time this happened to you? Perhaps you were started noticing a certain breed of dog or a particular model of car that was in your awareness.

You can apply this to your business by being really clear about what people or opportunities you would like to attract and get your brain filtering and spotting them for you.


Here’s a very simple step by step guide to how it works:

Step One: Ask

The first step is to be clear and ask for what you would like to receive, in the form of a written goal, an intention or prayer. Be polite, but direct and stand fully centred in your power as you state your desire.

You can use the Law of Attraction to attract new clients, opportunities, money, health, connections, time, inspiration, team mates, equipment, resources…the list is only limited by your imagination!

What would you like to receive?


Step Two: Align

Next, align your vibration by getting into the state of how your life and business will be when you get what you’ve asked for.

You can do this physically, emotionally or visually. For example, by imagining how you will feel when it comes true and really feeling it in every part of your body, or through seeing this as reality in your imagination. This helps you to connect with what you want to receive in a very real and material sense. It’s also a fast-track way to be a vibrational match for what you want to call into your life.

How does it feel to welcome new clients into your business? What do you imagine? What do you see in your minds’ eye? What emotions come up as you imagine making sales?

On a practical level, do you have space in your diary for new clients? Feeling how it feels will also give you insights on any resistance so that you can clear it and make space in your life for that which you desire.

Step Three: Let it go

Surrender is a powerful part of this process because when you let your intention go, essentially you are getting out of the way for it to materialise. When you keep looking and seeing the absence of something, your attention focuses on the lack and can block the flow. It is best if you can remain open to receiving and believe with complete faith that it is a done deal!


Step Four: Take Aligned Action

Don’t worry about “how” you’ll manifest, all you need to do is follow the signs and synchronicities that show up.

When you can be in sync what you would like to receive, you may be given signs in the form of nudges, opportunities and inspired ideas of what action to take. Sometimes these next steps may feel a little outside your comfort zone, but it’s important to walk through the doors that are being opened for you because that will lead you closer towards what you’d like to receive. It also shows the universe you are committed to receiving it.

Remember to say thank you

Be grateful when your manifestation shows up. It can be so easy to get caught up in busy-ness and it is important to make space to be thankful for the blessings you have.

Pay It Forward

Spread the joy and watch your abundance grow! Keep the flow going! Share your good fortune with others. The more you receive, the more generous you can be.


Using The Law of Attraction In Your Healing Business

Here are some coaching questions that will help you to focus on the manifesting abundance in your Healing Business.

  • Specifically, what would I like to manifest? What area of my life or business would benefit?
  • Ask: Set your intention and remember to be specific and add as much detail as you can to make it feel real.
  • Align: When I have this I will feel, look, sound…
  • Action I can take towards this reality
  • Affirmation (Use sentences that begin with “I am” / “I welcome” / “I am open to receiving” / “On x date”…)
  • Ways I will stay focused on this goal/intention and stay on track:
  • My first step. . . .

Want to dive deeper into the manifesting your ideal life and business?

Get your free copy of the Ultimate Law of Attraction Guide and receive an accompanying guidebook to help you get clear on exactly what you want and how you can use the law of attraction to manifest it with ease.

What if the law of attraction doesn’t seem to be working for you?

The law of attraction is always working for you, but sometimes it can feel frustrating or seem as though your requests have been forgotten.

In this video I share some of the ways you can get into energetic alignment with what you would like to attract to clean up your vibe and speed up the manifestation process! I would love to hear your experiences of law of attraction and if you have any questions or your are feeling stuck, share in the comments below or come and connect in the Healing Business Academy Facebook group.

Happy manifesting!




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