5 Brilliant Ways To Use a Mid-Year Review

A mid-year review gives you a great opportunity to re-align with your big picture vision for your life and business.

It’s so easy to get distracted by the latest course or marketing strategy.

Does this sound familiar: you just get your head around how Instagram Stories works then they introduce Reels. Or you finally pluck up the courage to make videos, but then everyone starts raving about podcasting. By the time you figure it out and learn how it works, it changes again and is replaced by the latest new thing! We saw it recently with Clubhouse didn’t we?! Everyone (well, iPhone owners anyway) were so hyped up with how amazing the possibilities were – and three months later it’s another platform that’s fizzled out.

While all this deafening noise happens around you tugging at your precious attention, your online course, your blog, your book or your passion project gets put on the back burner and you seem to never quite get around to starting or finishing them. Even though they are the things that are going to help you to earn money and be known as the go-to expert in your industry.

Since I started working with planners and tuning in with my goals throughout the year (not just in January and December), my output and productivity have been so much more aligned with my dreams and ideal life and busienss. I do get distracted as much as the next multi-passionate, creative business owner….but way less than I used to thanks to planners! I want that for you too. That’s why I created the My Fulfilled Life Planner.

The mid-way point in the year is the perfect time to tune in with your goals and intentions for the year to see how aligned you still are with them, what you can do to get back on track and ensure you finish the year where YOU want to be, not where all the so called experts and influencers say you “should” be based on the latest playground craze or what they are selling.

You can coincide your review with the new moon, the full moon or the summer solstice….or simply whenever you want feel called to!


Here are some journal prompts that can help you to tune in and carry out your mid-year review.


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#1: Reflect on your yearly goal

What intentions did you set at the beginning of the year? Are you still working towards them?

What was important to you then? Is that still important to you now?

Did you create a word of the year? What was it and how have you been bringing the energy of that word into your life and business?

What progress have you made so far with your goal? What can you learn from that?

What has been slowing your progress and getting in the way?

What has been helping your progress and working well?

#2: Honour your achievements
(I bet there’ll be more than you’re expecting)

What can you celebrate?

I know when myself and My Fulfilled Planner owners report back on their monthly and quarterly reviews, we often find that we have a perception that we haven’t done enough or we aren’t as far forward as we’d like…but the evidence we find in this exercise is really reassuring and often surprising! We can forget to acknowledge just how much we are achieving and having a regular planner practice can help you to build up a picture over the year that gives you evidence that a) you are awesome, b) you are making progress and c) it feels good to celebrate!


#3: Release anything that no longer serves you

What habits, projects or tasks are no longer serving you?

If you didn’t worry about judgement from yourself or others, what would you let go of?

What would you like to outsource or delegate?

What unhelpful or limiting beliefs would you like to release and reframe? What are your new more expansive beliefs?

Things change and that’s OK too. If you are in what I like to call “the experimental phase” of your business where you are exploring your style, what work you enjoy and what kind of business you are creating, or you’ve learned from experience that what you creating no longer suits you, permission to change your mind and forge a new path!

Maybe you have some habits that are getting in the way of your wellbeing or success and it’s time to be honest with yourself and make some changes.

As well as letting go of tasks, projects, habits you can also let go of limiting beliefs that bring you doubt, fear and keep you stuck and reframe them so your thoughts are tuned in to a higher frequency.

Use your mid-year realignment to tune in with what’s stopping you from moving forward and actualising your big vision for your life. Empower yourself to let that sh!t go! 

#4: Set intentions for the coming 6 months

If there were no limits and everything were possible, how would you like the next 6 months to be in your life and business?

Is there a project that you keep putting to one side, waiting for the perfect time? What are you waiting for?!

For me, my blog was something that I’d written off as a “shiny object” but it kept coming back to me until I couldn’t ignore it any more! Learn to know the difference between a shiny distraction and the calling from your Soul.


Distractions are a form of sabotage or come from a place of fear or not-enoughness, whereas your Soul encourages you to grow, shine your beautiful light and express your authentic self. 



#5: Decide what aligned action to take

What action will take you closer to achieving your goal this year?

If you have a big goal, it’s useful to create smaller milestones to aim for as it’ll feel less daunting and achieving these smaller goals will give you confidence too.

How committed you are to your goal, out of 10?

The only right answer to this question is your honest answer.

If your score is quite low use this knowledge to uncover what needs to shift to help you to feel more committed and develop self-belief in your ability to manifest anything you set your heart and mind to.

How will you look, feel and be in December when you have realised your dream and achieved your goal?

What’s your first step towards that?

What actions will you take this week, this month, by 3 months?

Use this free action planner to help you map out your key milestones and actions. 


Come and share your reflections and intention with us!

Would love to invite you to use these coaching questions as journal prompts. When you’ve finished journaling, come and share your reflections and intentions with us at the Healing Business Academy Facebook Group and ask  any questions you have about how working with a planner can help you to manifest your ideal life and business with ease and flow.



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