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Vision boards are not just for January!

A vision board is a great way to focus your attention on what you’d like to manifest into your life. The best thing is you can make a vision board any time you like! We often associate it with deciding what we’d like to call in for the new year, but I love making them all year round!

Here are some good times to make a vision board:

  • whenever you feel creatively inspired to!
  • when you’d like some motivation for manifesting something in your life and/or business
  • when you start a new project
  • when you’re working on your business branding or planning a photoshoot
  • by the calendar: e.g New Year in January, new school year in September, at birthdays, Christmas, festivals or holidays
  • to honour the seasons
  • at the new moon to set your monthly intentions
  • you could make a reflection board at the end of the year and capture your best memories

When do you love making vision boards? It’s also lots of fun to invite your friends or business besties over and have a crafternoon (an afternoon of crafting) together, sharing your dreams and intentions.


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Getting started

You can start by choosing your theme and intention. What would you like to use your vision board for? What’s it’s purpose? Are you going to zone in on one category or keep it more open and see where the flow takes you?

Next, decide if you you like to make a physical or digital board and get the materials or programs that you need ready.

Making a physical vision board

What you’ll need:

  • magazines
  • pens
  • printer if you’d like to print pictures and text
  • glue
  • paper
  • scissors
  • cork board and pins

Making a collage is one my favourite artistic mediums. What I love about making a physical board and flicking through magazines is that it kind of becomes like an oracle card reading. You are never quite sure what you’re going to find.

Be intentional and before you begin, centre yourself and ask for the most aligned words and images to be revealed to you . Allow the universe to work with you and send you messages and symbols for your highest good. As you go through the magazines, cut or tear out whatever you are drawn to- don’t over think or over analyse it! Cut them out without thinking too much about the bigger picture or what the overall board will look like when it’s finished.

You can arrange the pieces as you go along, or put them in a pile and arrange when you think you have enough.

You can make your vision board as big or as small as you like. Sometimes I enjoy the freedom of a giant piece of paper! Think about whether you would like to display it and where, as that may be a factor in the size of paper you choose. If you don’t have a big piece, you can stick multiple sheets together…get creative!

Build up your vision board picture with the images and words you have cut out. You can use pens to freestyle with illustrations and words. You can use sequins, stickers, dried flowers, patterned paper, washi tape…there are no limits or “right” ways to make a vision board.

I had a chat with Tendai Chagweda at Quest 4 Success and she said she enjoys the flexibility of using a cork board and pins so you can switch out the images. Of course it’s less permanent than glue and can evolve along with your vision and goals. Check out the video at the bottom of the blog and tune in to our conversation!


Let go and have fun! You don’t have to start with the end in mind. You can allow your board to emerge and evolve from your creative flow.

Making a digital vision board

What you’ll need:

  • Pinterest / Powerpoint or Google Sheets / Canva
  • You can find royalty free images at sites like Pexels and Pixabay

You can make a digital board intentionally using the steps above, however, because you are often using search terms the experience can feel a bit more directive and controlled. Personally, I enjoy a bit of both but tend to use digital boards when I have a specific outcome for my board in mind.

On Pinterest, you can make your board “private”, if you would prefer to keep your vision board hidden from public view. You can add images, quotes and affirmations. I like to have different boards for different projects and then one board for all sorts of pins. It’s fun to follow the different suggestions that Pinterest gives you, or you can be more prescriptive and use the search button.

If you would like to collate your images onto one page, you can use something like Powerpoint, Google Sheets or Canva and arrange them as you would a collage. Like with the physical boards, have a think what you would like to do with the vision board when it’s finished and if you would like to display it. You can print it off, have it as a screensaver or simply save it into a folder.

Mastermind members: check out the bonus Canva templates plus video tutorial in the Creating Your Vision section.

Activate the Law of Attraction

So you made your vision board…now what?!

Activate the Law of Attraction by getting into the state of how you will feel when that has manifested into your life. Tune in to the vibration of that being true in the here and now. Run it through all of your senses and embody what it would look, feel, sound, taste and smell like to receive that in your life. Make these feelings, images and sensations as real and vivid as possible. 

Let the universe know that you would like to receive them and ask for them to be delivered, for your highest good.

Trust that your request has been heard.

Let your request go!

You can display your vision board or revisit it regularly. You can say affirmations and intentionally call in, or you can simply do nothing and know that the universe is creating magic behind the scenes to bring it to you.

Take the inspired action and say YES to the opportunities that come your way…show the universe that you are open to receive this by the aligned action you take and decisions you make.


Come and share your vision board!

Would love to challenge you to create a vision board this month. Are you up for it?! Whether it’s for a specific reason or simply to have a creative outlet and an excuse to get into the flow, feel free to have fun and make your vision board whatever the season!

Come and share your board with us at the Healing Business Academy Facebook Group drop a message below and share your take-aways from this journal entry, or any questions you have about vision boards or manifesting with the Law of Attraction.



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