Mid Year Realignment Guide



Focus On What’s Important To YOU This Year
And Intuitively Connect To Your Dreams
with a Mid-Year Re-Alignment

The Mid-Year is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your big dreams and goals that you have for the year.

You can reflect on what’s going really well, tune in to what it is you want to work towards by the end of the year and make sure that your actions and intentions are still aligned with that.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You start the year with exciting plans and goals and then as the year goes on, you feel pulled in different directions, get distracted with new shiny ideas and you spend most of your time focusing on what you’ve been told you “should” be doing, meanwhile your passion projects lay half finished at the sidelines gathering dust. It can be overwhelming and frustrating and you never quite feel that you’re making the kind of progress or results that you want in your business. It feels like you have so many ideas and dreams yet never enough time to fulfil them!

What if I told you that there’s a way that you can stay aligned with what’s most important to you and have the courage to create your dreams, one strategic step at a time?

If you find action planning a bit left-brain, masculine energy vibe and it’s never quite worked for you, I have some good news! You can bring your intuition to the party and use guided visualisations to connect with the energy of your business and you future self, to receive insights that may be outside of your conscious awareness right now.

Introducing the Mid-Year Realignment Online Guide
for Holistic Practitioners who want to connect with their intuition, feel grounded and clear so they can manifest their BIG goals with ease.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Guided visualisation to connect with the energy of your healing business and receive a special message so you can access wisdom beyond your logical mind
  • Mid-year realignment guidebook so you can reflect on what’s going well, what can be improved and create an action plan that’s aligned with your dreams and goals for the year.
  • Guided visualisation to connect with your future self to help you bring a fresh perspective to the planning process. By connecting energetically with your future self you can receive insights that raise your vibration and steer you in the right direction.
  • Guided activation ceremony to align with your highest self and activate the law of attraction, meaning you can open up to support from the universe, work in the flow and don’t have to do everything by yourself.


It’s a mini-business retreat at the mid- year point so you can be refreshed, invigorated and inspired to create your grounded action plan, giving you clarity and certainty about where to focus your attention and intentions in the final six months of the year.


As well as connecting intuitively and energetically to your business, the editable pdf guidebook will help you to reflect on what’s working well in your life and business, and what improvements and adjustments can be made. Everything you discover can be grounded in a practical action plan, which breaks down your goals into smaller parts, making it much easier and less overwhelming to put into practice. You will identify any blocks you might face ahead of time so you can be prepared and minimise them. You will create a powerful affirmation to keep you motivated as you design and create your ideal life and business.

There’s also a secret invite to our private My Fulfilled Life Community so you can share your insights and commitments with like-minded people.

This is for you if:

  • You are you feeling disconnected from your dreams and unsure where to focus
  • You may usually resist the structure of planning but know you’d like to find a way to make it work for you
  • You’d like to feel clear about your goals, know where to focus your energy, energised, motivated and supported both practically and spiritually

Buy the Mid-Year Realignment Online guide today and gain instant access to the 3 guided visualisations and 14 page guidebook, so you can manifest your BIG dreams with confidence and ease.


Please note: This is the same Mid-Year Realignment that is in the My Fulfilled Life Planner. If you already have a planner, you can use it alongside the additional videos and guided visualisations included in this online version.


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