Year End Review Guide



Reflect and on the lessons, blessings of the year. Celebrate your achievements and gain clarity on what you would like to call in next year.

Around the Winter Solstice and New Year is a beautiful time to reflect on what’s worked well for you this year, and what lessons you have learned from the challenges you’ve faced.

It’s so easy to keep moving forward and chasing the dream but that can lead to the feeling that whatever you do it’s never enough and you never quite “arrive” at your goal…because they keep shifting forward.


Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You can sometimes push yourself too hard in pursuit of success, causing you to neglect your relationships or health. Constantly chasing your dreams can get in the way of you enjoying and celebrating the success you have created.

What if I told you that there’s a way that you can celebrate your success and integrate your learning so you can feel even more fulfilled and abundant?

If you find planning a bit left-brain, masculine energy vibe and it’s never quite worked for you, I have some good news! You can bring your intuition to the party and use guided visualisations to release what no longer serves you, connect with your future self, to receive insights that may be outside of your conscious awareness right now. You can bring the masculine and feminine into harmony through your planner practice.

Introducing the Year End Review Online Guide
for business owners who want to connect with their intuition, feel grounded and clear so they can manifest their BIG goals with ease.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Year End Review guidebook so you can reflect on your successes, what can be improved and celebrate what an awesome year you’ve had (even if it doesn’t feel like that in this moment!).
  • Guided visualisation to release and transmute what is no longer serving you and what you wish to leave behind as you journey into next year.
  • Guided visualisation to connect with the your higher self and future self and receive a special message to access wisdom beyond your logical mind. By connecting energetically with your future self you can receive insights who you are becoming and raise your vibration.
  • Guided activation ceremony to align activate the law of attraction, meaning you can open up to support from the universe, work in the flow and don’t have to do everything by yourself.


It’s a mini-business retreat at the year end so you can be refreshed, invigorated and inspired to celebrate the lessons and blessings of the year, giving you clarity, deep gratitude and a sense of delight in all you have received.


As well as connecting intuitively and energetically to your business, the editable pdf guidebook will help you to reflect on what’s working well in your life and business, and what you would like to leave behind.

This is for you if:

  • You are you feeling disconnected from feeling successful and fulfilled
  • You may usually resist the structure of planning and would love to discover a more aligned and intuitive approach
  • You’d like to feel clear about your success, honour your year and feel, energised, motivated and supported both practically and spiritually

Buy the Year End Review guide today and gain instant access to the 3 guided visualisations and 15 page guidebook, so you can honour your year and celebrate your success.


Please note: This is the same Year End Review that is in the My Fulfilled Life Planner. If you already have a planner, you can use it alongside the additional guided visualisations included in this online version.


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