Mid-Year Realignment Workshop


Reconnect With Your Business Vision
And Step Into Your Power

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Focus And Re-Align To Your Vision
Energetically and Practically

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You started the year with great intentions yet some of those priorities you were initially excited by seem to have got lost in the day to day busy-ness of life.

You have a habit of always looking to the next goal and don’t make time to reflect on and celebrate your wins and achievements so far. This gives you that nagging feeling that whatever you do, it’s never enough.

You feel ready to truly step into your power and create powerful transformations for others and are craving a quiet, reflective space to focus on your direction. You’d love some time to connect with your intuition and lean in to what’s most important for you to prioritise in the months ahead.

The Mid-Year Realignment Workshop
Friday 23rd June
10am – 1pm

A virtual space for wellness practitioners who want to realign with their passion, feel focused and be intentional about what they want to achieve and receive in 2023.

Create space just for you and reconnect with your vision for your fulfilled life and business, with a small group of like-minded wellness business owners

Let go of being reactive and in survival mode and open up to receive success in your business: attract more clients, make more money, deliver more impact with ease and flow

Tune in with your intuition, co-create your ideal life and business, activate the law of attraction with intention and run your business your way

What we’ll cover in the workshop

  • Focus We will begin by setting intentions and I’ll take you through a guided visualisation to help you get into the best state possible to do this important work. This is a magical, healing space we co-create to ensure you leave your survival mode at the door and give yourself permission to dream again.
  • Reflect with where you are now and what you have going on in your business with a fun and creative mind-mapping session. You can truly see how much is on your plate and what you would like to leave behind and carry forward into the second half of this year.
  • Vision Looking without limits, there may be some additional things you’d like to bring in….all will be revealed when you align to your highest vision for your dream lifestyle and business you are creating though guided visualisation and permission to think bigger!
  • A​ction Ground all your inner wisdom into a practical action plan with SMART goals, broken down into an action plan with all your next steps clearly defined, to make creating your vision simple and straightforward. You will know exactly what you need to do and by when to experience your vision in the material world.
  • A​lign and activate Let it be so! A magical activation ceremony to remove obstacles and invite the universe to co-create your vision alongside you. This is the key that will unlock inspiration, opportunities, miracles and synchronicity far beyond what you can create alone, all in accordance with your highest good.

After the Mid-Year Realignment Workshop You Will:

Have a crystal clear vision, goals and action plan for the next six months so you can attract more clients into your business and make a difference doing what you love

Feel energised and refreshed so you can let go of being in survival mode, step more fully into your power and be successful

Be open to receive miracles and abundance so you can feel supported by the universe as you bring your vision to reality

What You’re Going To Get

​Pre-workshop preparation so we can make the most of the time we have together in our small group

​Three hour workshop – time to retreat and focus on creating your ideal life and business (with comfort breaks built in!)

​Two inspirational guided visualisations so you soulfully connect with your higher self and shift out of survival mode and into a limitless dream space where your dreams are possible so you can hear the whispers of your soul

​Use your My Fulfilled Life planner or the guidebook to record your insights and refer back to throughout the year to review your progress

Guided visualisation audio to download and keep so you can return to them again and again to reignite your connection with your higher self and keep your energy and passion high vibe

Are you ready to feel grounded, back in control and crystal clear on your vision for 2023, action plan and next steps?

Are you ready to let go of playing small and open up to even more abundance by living your purpose and making a difference in the world?

I love bring small groups of inspiring business owners together. I could have run this as a large workshop with everyone using the chat feature on zoom, but I love making real connections in small groups and bringing wonderful people together to share ideas and inspiration. With that in mind, there are limited places available.

This is for you if…

  • ​You have an existing wellness business and are looking to grow it
  • You already have a rough idea for what you want to achieve, you just need to bring back it into focus and refine it
  • ​You like feeling grounded and you know a bit about the law of attraction
  • ​You are comfortable talking about energy and are ready to be expansive and play bigger
  • You want to connect with your inner truth and discover your own pathway; you aren’t looking for someone to tell you all the answers
  • ​You are open to sharing and receiving encouragement and support from the other participants.

It’s Time To Shine!
Now is the perfect time to get into alignment and declare
to the universe what you would like to receive

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to bring with me?

You will receive some prep work to do, to begin the reflection process so you can review your year so far. You can also bring with you a notepad and pens….and if you’re feeling especially creative bring some felt tips, stickers and post it notes.

What shall I wear?

Imagine this like a retreat for you and your business. Wear something comfortable and have a cushion and blanket ready for when we do the guided visualisations.

Three hours feels a long time on zoom – will there be breaks?

Yes, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to move around, shift your body and take comfort breaks.

Is there any pre-work?

Yes, to help us make the most of the time we have together, I will send you the My Fulfilled Life Planner Mid Year Realignment exercise so you can reflect on you your year so far. This will help you to be prepared for the workshop.

Do I have to print anything out?

The My Fulfilled Life Planner, Mid Year Realignment is available printable (a guide book that you print out), and there is a version you can edit online, but you can use the coaching questions and exercises as journal prompts and write your answers in your favourite notebook if you’d prefer. You can use your Planner if you already have one.

I can’t make the date – are there any other dates available?

Drop me an email and if there’s enough interest, I’m happy to put on another date.

About your host…

Sarah Sienkiewicz
Strategy & Alignment Coach

Hi, lovely to meet you here! I’m Sarah and I love working with healers, light workers and energy practitioners to help them to get clear on their business goals, creating and implementing simple systems and shifting energy blocks to success.

Through my products and services I empower healers and therapists to create a sustainable business. They have amazing gifts and abilities, but not always the business knowledge, so I give them practical marketing skills and clear energy and mindset blocks to help them succeed.

My vision is that this brings even more health, peace, love, joy and vibrancy to the world and allows us all to fully express our individual and collective soul purpose!

I’m a coach, EFT therapist and have a corporate background so I have that beautiful blend of practical solutions mixed with energetic alignment to help create abundance. I’m also a bit of a geek and love to help people with their systems and tech!

I coordinate a thriving Facebook community, the Healing Business Academy and love networking – both online and face to face. I’ve built my business on networking and am passionate about supporting others in business.

Reviews from previous mid-year realignment workshops:

Charlotte said:
“Sarah created a safe space for all of us to be a part of and it was so relaxing and peaceful throughout. The guided visualisation was so powerful and made me really think about what was important within my world. What is my priority. Ideas kept popping up throughout the session because of the space that was held. I felt really privileged to be part of the session and will be back for more alignment sessions. Came away feeling light and energised, thank you”.

Jackie said:
“I was feeling overwhelmed, and was struggling with energy, clarity and enthusiasm for my business. The workshop helped me to get my worries off my chest in a safe space, to talk, network and connect with other like minded business owners. I came away feeling energised, supported, much clearer on my plans, and the visualizations sparked some insights and ideas for new services to offer. It was very well hosted and organised, and flowed really nicely. It was an investment well worth making, and I really enjoyed it. Thank you.”

Book your place now and say YES to consciously creating your ideal life and business so you can do the work you love and serve all the happy, paying clients your heart desires!

Any questions not covered here– email me at sarah@healingbusiness.co.uk.

Can’t wait to journey with you and help you to connect with your vision!


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