The Most Important Question In Your Year End Review

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 The Most Important Question In Your Year End Review

When you’re an ambitious, driven business owner, it’s easy to have a habit of never quite being fulfilled. No matter what you achieve, you have your eyes set on the next goal or level of success. This drive is to be celebrated, and I’m not judging it. It is a useful attribute to have and it can give you tenacity and determination to keep going in the direction of your dreams, especially if the going gets tough.

The unintended consequence of this relentless pursuit of success can be that you can sometimes push yourself too hard, causing you to neglect your relationships or health. It also can get in the way of you enjoying and celebrating the success you have created.

I love how the My Fulfilled Planner practice gives you an opportunity to put your inner slave driver to one side and tune into how things are going in your life and business in a more non-judgemental, objective way. I often find my assumption is that I’m not doing as well, and then once I’ve completed my planner practice and look at the evidence, I realise that I’ve been minimising my achievements and discounting my success and I feel much more positive and fulfilled as a result. Can you relate?!

What would you like to celebrate when you look back on your year?


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The My Fulfilled Life Planner makes it really easy to complete your Year End Review because you can look back at your record of the year and create a snapshot of the highlights and lowlights. It’s amazing how much detail you forget! Our brains are wired to keep us safe, which is why we often remember our negative experiences more vividly- so that we can learn from mistakes and avoid them in future. Recording all the happy moments in your planner, as well as the things to learn from, gives you a more balanced perspective and helps you to tune into what went well too!

In your Year End Review you can reflect on the the habits you developed (useful and not useful!), connections you made and the impact those relationships had, professional development you engaged with and what you learned. You can record the books you read, if you’re a bookworm like me! Make sure you go deeper and write what your big aha moments were and what action you implemented or changes you made.

I believe the most important, number 1 question you can reflect on is:

Regardless of results or circumstances outside of my control, have I been kind and compassionate, loving and nurturing with myself this year and lived true to my values? 

You can have the best results ever, but if you’re still allowing your inner mean girl to be the loudest voice in your head, it won’t ever be enough.

You can have the best results ever, but if you aren’t living aligned to your values and instead doing things from a sense of obligation, you won’t feel fulfilled.

If that resonates deeply, please give your inner mean girl a big hug from me. Underneath the cold, harsh exterior, she has positive intentions for you and just needs some love, kindness and reassurance. She carries the layers of hurt that are calling to be released through love and nurturing.

Now let’s tune into the incredible gifts that you have. Being resilient and tenacious. Sticking with your business even when it feels hard at times. Being of service to your clients and delivering beautiful healing transformations for them. Being courageous to live life on your terms and design your lifestyle and business around how you would LOVE to live.

How often do you allow yourself to feel into how incredible you truly are? You are a precious miracle and the world is brighter for the light you shine. Open your heart and let that sink in for a moment. Put your hands on your heart, take a deep breath and receive the truth in this statement.

Take a moment now to see yourself as your guardian angel does, with unconditional love and compassion. Know deep in your soul that you are perfect, whole and complete and loved No Matter What! Love yourself as you are – your light and your shadow self and step into even more confidence and fulfilment. Own your brilliance darling!

Turn up the volume on your inner-cheerleader, be courageous to say no to what longer feels aligned and I promise it’ll make all the difference for you in the coming year.


Complete Your Year End Review

I know it can feel like the planner has a masculine vibe – living by a linear calendar, writing goals and tracking metrics. Taking action and ticking boxes is driven with our masculine energy. And we are cyclical, energetic beings so I LOVE blending guided visualisations with this practice so you can go deeper and hear what your intuition has to say. In this way, it harmonises the practice and brings the feminine and masculine energy together so you can live aligned with your highest truth AND smash your goals! Win win!

Check out the Year End Review bundle, which includes the Year End Review guidebook (or you can use your planner) PLUS three guided visualisations so you can:

– release what no longer serves you and only take forward the blessings into the new year.

– receive a message from your higher self and meet you future self to give you clarity on who you are becoming.

– affirm and activate positive intentions and the law of attraction to co-create your fulfilled life with help from the universe.

Go to the shop to get yours today!

And remember to buy your My Fulfilled Life Planner so you can intentionally manifest your ideal life and business with ease and flow.


Come and share your reflections, celebrations and insights with us at the Healing Business Academy Facebook Group and ask  any questions you have about how working with a planner can help you to manifest your ideal life and business with ease and flow.

Check out the interactive Year End Review Guide so you can reflect and on the lessons, blessings of the year. Celebrate your achievements and gain clarity on what you would like to call in next year.

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