Revolutionise Your Life With a Word of The Year

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Revolutionise Your Life With A Word Of The Year

Are you someone who loves creating a vision and designing your ideal life and business, or do you prefer to be spontaneous and see what unfolds?

I’ll be honest, even though I LOVE planning and living my life intentionally, there have been some Januarys where I’ve not felt energetically aligned to planning my year. Sometimes the vision just isn’t clear and it’s not helpful to feel like you “should” have it all planned out! Trying to force it creates unnecessary pressure, which is not fun or fruitful and gets in the way of the vision becoming clear.

However, having a Word of the Year is something that I’ve found to be a really simple, easy way to be intentional, even if I’m not ready to plan, The word of the year can help you to connect with the energy of what you’d like to move towards. So even if you’re not clear about what you’d like to call into your life in lots of detail, it’s definitely do-able to simply choose a word of the year to begin the the process of choosing how you’d like things to be.

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Getting started – how to choose your word of the year

Step 1: Brainstorm Your Words

In your journal, write out a few different words and ideas you have for what you’d like your focus to be for the year.

The words can speak to your values (beliefs that guide your actions), what areas of personal or professional growth you’d like to develop or something you feel has been missing and you’d like to welcome more of.

Check out the image for some ideas of words you can choose.

Step 2: Connect With Your Intuition

Everyone has a different way of accessing their inner wisdom!

It may be that seeing them written down gives you a sense of which one feels right for you.

You could say them out loud and hear which one resonates. You could write them on post it notes, place them on the floor and step into the space to sense how the word feels in your body. You could hold the post it notes in your hand or see them on the table and sense which ones you feel magnetically attracted to picking up.

You could sit quietly with the words in meditation or reflect on them during a walk in nature.

You could also pull an oracle card or flick through your favourite deck and see what words speak to your soul and invite a curiosity or a spark of excitement and possibility.

Experiment and find a way that suits your style of connecting with your inner guidance.

Step 3: Keep it light!

What I mean by that is that choosing your Word of the Year is something light and fun you can do! Yes it can help you to align with your values and highest truth but it isn’t something that needs to be set in stone or “perfect”. Have a spirit of curiosity about your word and anytime you feel yourself taking it (or yourself) too seriously or get stressed about choosing the right word, take that as feedback to lighten up! Choose a word that feels inspiring, expansive and connects you with your highest truth about how you would like to live and who you are becoming.


“Your Word of the Year can be a compass to guide you so you can live in alignment with your highest truth” Sarah Sienkiewicz



What to do when you’ve chosen your word of the year

Here are some ideas of what to do when you’ve chosen your word so you can stay aligned with it throughout your year.

  • Write it in your My Fulfilled Life planner and check in with it on your quarterly reviews
  • Make a graphic in Canva your screensaver on your phone or laptop (this is my refer a friend affiliate link)
  • Put it on your Vision Board fridge, alter, bathroom mirror, keyring, phone case or somewhere you will see it often


How choosing a Word of The Year can revolutionise your life


Choosing a word of the year is a beautiful gift you can give yourself and can bring you very real and tangible results in all areas of your life and business.

Words cast spells, that’s why they call it spelling. Words are energy. Use them wisely”. Anonymous

Being intentional about the energy you are aligning with, the actions and activities you’d like to do and who you are becoming is an empowering way that you can shape your life’s direction. It’s not just the big, dramatic events that shape us – it’s the tiny decisions you make every day, that build up over time, that creates your lifestyle.

Your word of the year can activate the law of attraction because you are programming your subconscious mind to seek out opportunities that resonate with your word and you’ll be more open to the synchronicity of the universe.

I encourage you to have a go and see what gifts it can bring you. It may be that the word you have chosen comes with challenges – but if that’s the case then trust that everything is working for your highest good and embrace the lessons and blessings along the way.

Here are some examples of how choosing the word of the year can help you with your personal growth and manifesting your ideal life.



My Story- Word of the Year: Creativity

Last year, my word of the year was “Creativity” and it gave me so much permission to play! The word also helped me to invest time, money and energy into my creative hobbies. I invested in a Cricut digital cutting machine which felt very indulgent, but having the word of the year was the encouragement I needed to make the purchase.

I got invited to a creative writing challenge called “Write Your Worst Book Ever”. Again, it felt a bit frivolous! Even though I was really busy at the time, the word of the year reminded me of my commitment to being creative and making play a higher priority in my life. The challenge was so much fun and I laughed a lot! It was honestly one of the highlights of my year and I published The Ultimate Guide To Being Perfect, which was an unexpected but happy outcome. I just know without my commitment to “Creativity” I would have probably not devoted as much energy to stretching myself and I certainly wouldn’t have received all of the joy and confidence those activities gave me.

This year my word is Delight and I’ve updated my screensaver already! I was inspired by hearing Ross Gay’s story on the Happiness Lab podcast – where Dr Laurie gets a fun-intervention! Ross wrote a book of essays called “The Book of Delights” and the effervescent joy he shared was truly infectious. I also booked piano lessons thanks to that podcast so the creativity is continuing!

My screensaver:

(The oracle card is from the Soul Coaching Oracle Card deck by Denise Linn, available from Hay House)



Diane’s Story- Word of the Year: Elevate

In 2018 I chose Elevate as my word of the year. It was an incredible journey with this word – it impacted every element of my life – from my health, my personal relationships, and my business. At times it ‘kicked my butt’ and really forced me to elevate even when I didn’t want to.

I even relaunched myself as an Elevation Coach for female entrepreneurs during that year.

I think part of the reason for the impact was that I consistently journaled around the vision I held for my life as I elevated. By really embodying the word, I stepped into elevation.

You can connect with Diane at

Annie’s story – Word of the Year: Adventure

I started 2020 as an overworked NHS employee and mum of 4. I chose Adventure as my word for 2020, which seemed like an odd choice given the lockdown restrictions in place! My husband got the opportunity to work in AbuDhabi and we said yes to that, we lived apart for most of the year but embraced the adventure of communicating in new ways and getting out of the stereotypes we had fallen in to. When I finished a contract with Macmillan Cancer Support I got the opportunity to run a vaccination centre! I saw this as an adventure to say yes to and had the most incredible time of my career.

When my 9 year old daughter was desperate to see her dad and wanted to try life in AbuDhabi she was determined to fly alone, I had no way to see this but an adventure! She had the best time! Despite having the best job I had ever had, I chose adventure again in October and moved with 2 of my sons to AbuDhabi. I am now living in a brand new country and culture where adventure has taught me so much and seen me grow in unimaginable ways! Having adventure as my word of the year not only shaped my decisions but shaped the way I chose to see things. Challenging circumstances became adventures, huge to do lists became adventures and massive money wins also became adventures.

I ended the year as an underworked mum of 4 creating a beautiful business helping other women live intention filled lives in a beautiful country. My new word is BELIEVE. I can’t wait to see what it brings me this year.

You can connect with Annie here @oneintentionalminute

Kristin’s Word of the Year: Rise

It’s been a tough year for weddings & special events. I have my word with me at my toothbrush station so morning and evening I start and end my day connecting with the word and using it for manifesting. I plan to RISE & flourish from the Covid ashes in 2022.

In my experience, words of the year are powerful. I call them my power words and have used them to manifest my dream home, build my business and gain focus and clarity around difficult decisions.

You can connect with Kristin Sullivan on Instagram @swivelgroupevents

Suzanne’s Word of the Year: Simplify

I have always liked to keep things simple, and “Simplify” was one of the reasons I created my membership last year. I wanted to empower women to prioritise themselves and at the same time prioritise myself and have lots of fun and lots of joy! Words are magical and we throw them away so easily.

Suzanne Clarke lives in Ireland and you can connect with her at

Daisy’s Story- Word of the Year: Daring

Daring to believe in myself
Daring to take action
Daring to be seen
Daring to connect
The word Daring implies that we step out of comfort zone and we need to do this to grow. If we stay comfortable, there’s no room for growth. We need to be intentional with every action we take and ask ourselves “How is this daring?” If it is not daring, then I need to reevaluate. I was very intentional this year and it manifested to launching my own business (something that was in the works for the last four years) but it only manifested when I was intentional and DARING. I DARE you to make 2022 your best year yet!

Connect with Daisy at @theafterglowcompany

Declare your word and allow the magic to unfold!

Doing something as simple as choosing a word of the year can help you make decisions so you can say YES to the things you love and NO to anything that doesn’t fit with the way you want things to be. They give you permission, encouragement and accountability to courageously prioritise your dreams and goals.

So, are you ready to revolutionise your life?! It’s time to declare your word of the year and allow the magic and miracles to be revealed!


Come and share your Word of The Year!

When you’ve chosen your word of the year, come and share with us at the Healing Business Academy Facebook Group or drop a comment below. Would love to hear your word and how you think that will help you in all areas of your life and business.

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