Create Your Aligned Vision and Strategy 2024


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In today’s busy world, it’s easy to get lost in habitual day to day doing-ness of life and forget that you have a choice about how you would like your life to be!

I’ve created this sacred healing space especially for you, so you can take a step back and dream about what’s possible for your life and business, when you look without limits. When you are clear about your vision, it’s then crystal clear what you can start doing and who you need to become today, to make your dream lifestyle a reality.

Create Your Aligned Vision and Strategy for 2024
Friday 2nd February
12-3pm GMT

A virtual space for business owners who want to connect with their passion and be intentional about creating their life and business.

+ Create space just for you, so you can connect with your vision and inner wisdom with a small group of like-minded business owners

+ Let go of being reactive and in survival mode and open up to embody success in your business: attract more clients, make more money, deliver more impact

+ Tune in with your higher self, co-create your ideal life and business, activate the law of attraction with intention and run your business your way, with more ease and flow

What we’ll cover in the workshop:

  • reflect on the lessons and blessings of 2023 so you can continue with what’s serving you and release anything that is no longer aligned

  •  tune into your illuminated and aligned vision for what you would like to create in 2023 with a guided visualisation so you can tap into your intuition and go beyond logical goal setting

  • connect with who you need to be to bring your vision into being, with embodiment coaching to bring your vision into the present moment and activate the law of attraction

  • ground your insights into a strategic action plan so that you move forward in an integrated and empowered way knowing that the steps you take are aligned and energising.

After the Fulfilled Life Vision Workshop You Will:

Have a crystal clear vision of what your mission and soul purpose is this year, so you can intentionally attract more clients into your business and make a difference doing what you love.

Activate your vision in both practical and energetic ways and be open to receive even more love, money, abundance and fulfilment in your life and business.

Feel energised and refreshed so you can let go of being overwhelmed or in survival mode, so you can step more fully into your power and expand into success.

Be open to receive miracles and abundance so you can feel supported by the universe as you bring your vision to reality.

What You’re Going To Get

​A sacred, healing virtual space – time to focus on yourself and your business

Experiential exercises so you can connect with your dream space of how your life and business could be, without limits

A clearer idea of where to focus your energy on so you can start the year with laser focus

Turn your intuitive insights into an action plan with clear next steps so you can take practical action straight away


Are you ready to let go of playing small, hiding your light and open up to even more abundance by living your purpose and making a difference in the world?


This is for you if…

  • ​​You have an existing wellness business and are looking to level up
  • ​You already have a rough idea for what you want to achieve, you just need to bring back it into focus and refine it
  • ​You like feeling grounded and you know a bit about the law of attraction
  • ​You are comfortable talking about energy and are ready to expand your vision and be empowered to call in more clients, more money and create more impact for others, even though it might feel a little bit daunting right now to dream big
  • You want to connect with your inner truth and discover your own pathway; you aren’t looking for someone to tell you all the answers
  • ​You are open to sharing and receiving encouragement and support from the other participants in a magical and expansive space (if that’s not you, see FAQ below)

This is not for you if…

  • This is not for you if you aren’t even a little bit woo or woo-curious
  • This is not for you if you don’t believe in the law of attraction

It’s Time To Shine!

Now is the perfect time to get into alignment and declare to the universe what you would like to receive this year

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to bring with me?

Bring your favourite notebook and pens and your My Fulfilled Life Planner if you have one….if you’re feeling especially creative bring some felt tips, stickers and post it notes.

Bring with you a readiness to expand into your exciting future!

What shall I wear?

Imagine this like a retreat for you and your business. Wear something comfortable and have a cushion and blanket ready for when we go on guided visualisations.

I can’t make the date – are there any other dates available?

Drop me an email and if there’s enough interest, I’m happy to put on another date. The session will not be recorded as it’s designed for live interaction.

I’d rather not interact, can I still come along but have camera off and not share?

There are times when we will go into break-out rooms and share our insights with each other and I love to invite interaction. However if you would prefer to be in a break-out room by yourself please let me know before the session and there is no requirement to share anything if you’d prefer not to.

At the start of the session we create a safe, non-judgemental space with clear expectations and boundaries. Anything you do share will be held in strict confidence.

About your host…

Sarah Sienkiewicz
Strategy & Alignment Coach

Hi, lovely to meet you here! I’m Sarah and I love working with healers, light workers and energy practitioners to help them to get clear on their business goals, creating and implementing simple systems and shifting energy blocks to success.

Through my products and services I empower healers and therapists to create a sustainable business. They have amazing gifts and abilities, but not always the business knowledge, so I give them practical marketing skills and clear energy and mindset blocks to help them succeed.

My vision is that this brings even more health, peace, love, joy and vibrancy to the world and allows us all to fully express our soul purpose!

I’m a coach, EFT therapist and have a corporate background so I have that beautiful blend of practical solutions mixed with energetic alignment to help create abundance. I’m also a bit of a geek and love to help people with their systems and tech! In 2021 I qualified as a Sacred Money Archetypes® Coach and I am so excited to share this powerful work with my clients.

I coordinate a thriving Facebook community, the Healing Business Academy and love networking – both online and face to face. I’ve built my business on networking and am passionate about supporting others in business.


Book your place now and say YES to intentionally manifesting your Fulfilled Life and business with ease and flow!

Any questions not covered here– email me at

Can’t wait to journey with you and help you to connect with your purpose, mission and vision for 2024!


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