Making Videos With Confidence

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Making Videos With Confidence


Do you dread the thought of making videos and going live on social media?! Here’s a handy guide I made to help you:

  • Raise awareness of how you feel about videos, what excuses you may be telling yourself and if you could master this skill, how you would like it to affect your sales and marketing activity.
  • Share my top tips on how to prepare yourself to make videos and go live on social media so you transform those nerves into excitement.
  • Help you to build your confidence enough so you take the plunge and hit “go Live”
  • Encourage you to practice and have included ideas of topics to talk about and a challenge to go live in the Healing Business Academy Facebook group

This guide works whether you’d like to make videos and build up to making going live, or dive in to making lives straight away.

I’d love to challenge you to take inspired action and commit to showing up on video and in lives over the next 30 days.

It may feel a bit clunky at first, but if you stick with it and keep going, this time next month, you’ll be so glad you started today!

What’s your 30 day visiblity goal?

When are you going to start? What’s your deadline?

What are the actions you need to take to start showing up on video or going live?

What’s your first step and when will you take it?

Let me know if you need any more advice or encouragement and if you’d like to practice in a safe space, come on over to the Healing Business Academy Facebook group!


And finally…The Path To Being More Visible Isn’t Linear

Please know that, although the Visibility Pyramid is laid out here as a linear step by step path, just like climbing a mountain there are many to paths choose from!

Being move visible is an evolution and it may take some experimentation and dancing up and down the pyramid before you get into your groove with it so you can find the path that feels most aligned and true for you.

I encourage you to experiment, try new things and find what works for you. You don’t have to wait for all the pieces to be in place so take a leap of faith and get out there so you learn from each experience.

If you find yourself getting stuck or not quite getting the results, return to the pyramid and see what building blocks you can improve on to strengthen your journey.


Do you need some extra help and support?


Check out the new Courage to Be Visible Masterclass in the Healing Business Mastermind to help you feel confident and strategic about becoming the go-to expert in your industry and shining your beautiful light.

In the Courage To Be More Visible Masterclass you will learn:

-How the Visibility Pyramid works in more detail so you can assertively stretch into being seen by others in a safe and grounded way.
-Transmute and heal and reframe old stories and past experiences that have been holding you back from taking action and creating opportunities to reach more people.
-Identify and release the emotional and practical blocks you are facing to raising your profile giving you fresh insights into your next steps.
-Create an affirmation and action plan so you can move forward with clarity, accountability and courage.

Plus we have two Bonuses: Tapping Script to help you to shift the energy around being seen and sharing your gifts and a Guided Visualisation to help you to shift the stories in your imagination and give you confidence any time you are about to step forward and be more visible.

Get instant access to the masterclass + all the online training you need + weekly group coaching calls for support, accountability and cheerleading, + monthly co-working calls all designed so you can create a thriving business, attract clients and get paid well for doing what you love!⁠

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