How To Get The Most Out of Your Memberships

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How To Get The Most Out Of My Memberships

I love memberships as both a host and a member!

Memberships are a great business model for entrepreneurs who love providing ongoing value and creating recurring revenue.

As a member, you can learn new skills, belong to a supportive community and hit your goals together on topics you’re passionate about.

But what if you joined a membership and it’s not quite working for you? Are you currently wondering whether or not to leave one that you’re in? Or are you about to join one and want to know how to make the most of your investment?

Check out the latest Healing Business Blog for my top 5 ways to get the most out of your memberships.



1. Be Intentional

The first step is to be intentional about what you want the membership to do for you. It could be learning a skill, an opportunity for networking, or getting a particular outcome in your business.

In the Healing Business Mastermind your very first step when you join is to connect with your vision of what you would like the membership to help you achieve. So, if you are questioning whether a membership you’re part of is working for you, think back to why you joined. What hopes and dreams did you have when you first signed up? Is that intention still true or does it need to be updated?

When you get back in touch with your purpose it’ll energise you to reconnect with the membership and use it with intention.

2. Be Strategic And Align the Content With Your Goals

Memberships with a lot of content can feel overwhelming. If you aren’t sure where to start, go back to your strategy. A good membership will clearly guide your first steps and help you navigate to the best content that suits you.

When content is drip-fed monthly, remember, you only need to work through content that will take you towards your goals.

That’s why all new members of the Mastermind complete the Create Your Aligned Strategy course first. Once the structure of your business model (what you sell and how) and marketing strategy (your plan to attract clients) is clear, your next steps fall in to place. It becomes easy to see what content will move your business forward.

Hopping from one strategy to another or starting lots of different things but never sticking with them long enough to get results creates fatigue, disillusionment, and a feeling that nothing ever works. It’s disheartening, but the simple way to stop the cycle is to get clear on your goals and what works for you and avoid being tempted by the latest gimmick that is working for someone else.

When you design a simple, repeatable strategy it means you can cut through 90% of the noise in the membership or online space because you’ll be clear and grounded about what is right for you and what will take your business forward.

Tune in with your goals and what will move your business forward.

Is there an inner block or a practical skill you need to learn, like communicating your offer well with copywriting or being able to turn leads into sales? Look at what’s not working in your business and what solutions will help. This information will guide you with what masterclass is a good next step for you.

In the Healing Business Mastermind there is a navigation guide and checklist to help members be strategic in the content they put in place, saving them time and energy and speeding up the results they achieve.

3. Give Yourself Time

Often when we feel rushed, it’s a sign that our bodies are acting from a stress response. It can feel like pressure to get quick results, feeling that we’re behind where we “should” be by now or frustrated at making seemingly slow progress.

The best thing you can do if you’re feeling this way is to come back to your centre, breathe deeply and regulate your nervous system back to a balanced, grounded state. This will help you to think more clearly and be less reactive. It can also help you to take measured and calculated risks, rather than engage in high-risk activities that tend to bring extreme highs and lows.

Remember, you are always in the right place at the right time! There is no rush, other than your perception and the stories you’re telling yourself, so set a steady pace that will be more sustainable and less stressful in the long term.

Make time in your diary to connect with the content regularly so you can make consistent progress. The more time you put in to taking the right action, the more results you’ll get out.

Know that it can take time to get results and for your actions to create momentum, so allow for that and trust the process.

The Healing Business Mastermind is a 6 months commitment to give you ongoing support. It’s not for people who want to join for one month and expect miracles in the first two weeks! In my experience of the coaching industry, this is a controversial topic because lots of business owners promise quick results. And as customers, of course we want things to turn around quickly. But good things take time and it’s OK to honour that. Have you heard that saying “it took me 10 years to become an overnight success”?

Sometimes we have to do the inner work to clear limiting beliefs, fears and blocks. Or we have caring roles or another job that takes up our time, energy and focus. Hold your vision clearly and know that your success is inevitable, no matter what challenges we face along the way!

I like to think of the success timeline like the metaphor about being an apprentice on the road to mastery. Mastery in your modality, in designing your products and services and effective deliver, takes time. With time, comes experience and wisdom. It may be an unpopular opinion in the world of marketing gimmicks and promises of quick-wins, but when you are committed to creating success and becoming a master of your craft in the long term, suddenly taking your time takes on a different vibe of depth of wisdom and maturity.

You are not behind, you are on your path to mastery.


4. Take Action

There’s a big difference in energy and results when you engage in procrasti-learning verses learning and taking action.

Dipping in and out of different strategies will not give consistent results. Ask me how I know! I made this mistake so often because I thought it was the strategy that was wrong, rather than my ability to stick with things long enough to get momentum. Sound familiar?

Become self-aware of your habits and cycles. When you get the part where you need to be visible and sell your thing, is this the time where you prefer to make something new, chase the next certificate or learn a new strategy?  It’s a really common avoidance pattern and awareness is key to changing the habit.

I’m all for experimenting and trying new things. However, by giving yourself permission to complete things, see them through to the end and stick with things long enough, you will get the rewards of all your hard work.

Do not use working through content as a delay tactic to taking action. Make sure you are spending time implementing the learning before you move to the next masterclass to give yourself the best opportunity to get sustainable results in the longer term.


5. Ask For Help

Most memberships have a community element. So join in the discussion and get to know people. It’s a great way to meet likeminded people with a shared interest. It’s also a space to give and receive support.

Are there networking opportunities, an online forum or live calls? Get involved and be visible – it’s a great way to bring the online content to life and feel connected.

If you’re really stuck, reach out to the founder or customer support as they will be able to give you some advice and solve any problems you are experiencing. You are probably not the first person to feel stuck or disconnected and by reaching out, you’ll get the support you need to get back on track.

It’s OK to ask for help and get the support you need to maximise your results and get the most from your membership.


Next Steps

Journal prompts:

Are you clear about the goals you are working towards and how the membership you’re in can help you?

What would you like to receive from the membership? How can you be more intentional about making it work for you?

Are you consistently implementing what you are learning? What might you be avoiding?

What support do you need?

What’s your first step? When will you take it?

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