5 Ways You’re Blocking Income – and how to fix it

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5 Ways You’re Blocking Income – and how to fix it

 I know how much you want to serve your clients and make a difference in their health and wellness. When we come out of our training with a new  qualification it’s so exciting..…then the actual setting up a business side of what we do can start to drain the joy away. There’s so much to figure out in being able to create a profitable business. One of the key challenges is how to transition from freebies, swaps and case studies to attracting happy, paying clients.

In this blog I’m going to share some of the top 5 barriers that block your income and the remedies so you can earn more from your business.

Barrier #1: Aim, Aim, Aim

Do you ever find you get stuck in the creative process, waiting until your offering is perfect until you launch it into the world?

This was a big one for me just before I launched Healing Business! It slowed me down so much. Of course I cared deeply about the quality I was producing, but it edged over into holding myself back.

Constantly aiming and never firing blocks your ability to get momentum in your business. The quicker you get your stuff out into the world, the quicker you can attract clients, fulfil your ambitions to serve them and of course, make money! Another version of this block is constantly starting new projects and never give them time and space to really grow to fruition. If you feel like you’re constantly reinventing the wheel or chasing shiny new projects, tune in and ask yourself: “what am I really avoiding?”


Remedy: Nail it, then scale it!

Put a deadline on your design phase! Researching and refining, testing and tweaking is so important…but if you find you’re using it as a way to procrastinate then be honest with yourself. Give yourself a deadline to launch and love yourself when those uncomfortable feelings inevitably come up. Believe in what you’re doing and have a growth mindset; your offer can evolve along the way and the quicker it’s out there, the quicker you know what areas can be improved. Then, when you find what works, keep doing it!

Avoid the temptation to start a new shiny project…stick with the one that works! Everything you want is on the other side of your comfort zone. Stretch darling…you can do this! Ready? Aim. Go!!!


Barrier #2: Selling makes me feel awkward

OK, now you’ve created your offer and met your launch deadline. Congratulations! Have you found that you’ve run out of energy now it comes to selling it to people?

Let me ask you a question – who taught you about selling? Unless you’ve had formal training you have my permission to let yourself off the hook for not having expert level sales skills and confidence yet. Maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of pushy sales people and don’t want to do that to your clients. Honey, that’s a good thing!! No-one should aspire to be that awful kind of sales-person who leaves a trail of buyer’s remorse behind them!

Let me tell you something that can help you reframe this whole vibe around selling: Selling is simply a means to an end. The happy ending when your clients and customers get to receive something amazing that they really want and need….and the happy ending when you get paid! Believe in what you have to offer. Believe in the value that you are going to bring to their lives with your fabulous gifts. Share it with them – keeping them to yourself is just selfish!

Have you seen those memes that say “when you buy from a small business owner, somebody does a happy dance”? Selling is the gateway to you happy dancing.

Remedy: Learn the skills to help you have sales conversations that feel congruent.

Get excited about what you’re offering and share it with the world. Upskill and learn how you can sell with confidence, in your own language, and aligned with your brand. It is possible and it feels good!

In the Create Your Aligned Strategy Course and Healing Business Mastermind, we have all the training and support you need so you can create an aligned marketing strategy and learn to love sales.

There are modules to help you with creating a repeatable client attraction system that feels energising, communicating your offer in an appealing way and confidently asking for the sale. You can get coaching support from me as well as your questions answered in the weekly mastermind group calls and in the monthly aligned strategy Q&A calls.

You don’t have to figure this out alone or learn from manipulative sales “gurus” that just tell you what work for them but make your skin crawl. You’ll create a way that feels congruent so you can put yourself out there confidently and sell your stuff with ease. Find out more here: Work With Me

Barrier # 3 I feel uncomfortable receiving money

You’ve created your offering and people are buying! Yay…it’s getting real now! Things are happening. But if you find at this point you start feeling awkward about receiving money, this is going to affect your energy and you’ll start to repel and dissipate your success. This can show up as not being clear about your pricing, giving away your products and services as either free or discounted or attracting clients that pay late or can’t afford your services.

Having an awareness of how you feel when you receive money for your work is so helpful so you can begin to transform your belief and raise your energy into a higher vibe, receptive state. Do this and watch your business and finances grow.

Remedy: Stand in your power. Tune in to how it feels to receive money and use this inner wisdom to let you know what aspects can be healed. Practice getting comfortable, happy and grateful to receive this value exchange in recognition for the wonderful gifts you are sharing with your clients. You deserve it.


Barrier #4: I’m not clear about how I can consistently attract clients

You’ve created your offering, people are buying, you feel great receiving money…whoop! Now you’re really in the swing of it. But maybe you have busy periods in your business and then it all goes a bit flat. It’s either feast or famine and you can’t ever be sure where the next client is going to come from. Eek – that feels vulnerable, and the danger is that you end up working more than you’d like because you are never quite sure if the next dry spell is just around the corner. This boom/bust business model is draining and filled with uncertainty and doubt.

Having a consistent, tried and tested, regular marketing activity is the lifeblood of a thriving business. Being able to put activity in and know that you will receive clients as a result takes all the guess-work away. Leveraging your time and income means that you can create marketing activities and income streams that do not require you to swap your time for money giving you more financial security and more time freedom.

Remedy: Create a crystal clear marketing strategy that ensures you attract a steady stream of happy, paying clients.

When you find what works, systemise, automate and outsource to free up your time. Build an income that is not solely reliant on your time. Once you have this, you can relax, knowing that clients and money will flow into your business, with joy and ease.

Barrier #5: I keep spending all the money

If money slips through your fingers as fast or even faster than you can make it, it’ll be challenging to grow your wealth and you’ll always need to keep filling the gap. This might be showing up for you as constantly reinvesting in new courses, equipment or attending events.

It may be that you avoid getting organised with your finances or find the number crunching is at the very bottom of your list of priorities. You prefer to trust in the abundance of the universe, rather than get bogged down with tracking your income and expenditure. No matter how much you earn, you always seem to spend your way to ensuring you stay at the same financial level.

Remedy: Create money boundaries.

Commit to taking responsibility for the financial health of your business and ask for help managing your money if you need it. By knowing your numbers in your business, you can make informed decisions. When you create budgets, you can have boundaries around your expenditure and ensure your business is streamlined and profitable. Yay, Financial Abundance!!


Financial Abundance Affirmation:

“I now welcome an abundance of financial resources to shower into my life, for my highest good and for the highest good of those around me. The more money I have, the more I have to share! Success flows easily and effortlessly to me and through me. I am grateful for all the money in my life and am so happy because my financial abundance is growing in every increasing amounts all the time.”



And finally…creating a profitable business IS POSSIBLE for you!

Please know that, even though it can feel a bit tricky to turn your qualification and business idea into income that gives you your ideal lifestyle- it is possible. You are capable of making it happen. It’ll take some work – both practical steps and shifting your mindset to bring your head and heart into alignment. But it is possible and you can do it! I have faith that you were not given your unique set of gifts, talents without the means to make your dreams a reality.

You aren’t alone in this so please do reach out in the Healing Business Academy community with your burning questions.

Do you need some extra help and support? Check out the Create Your Aligned Strategy course to help you feel confident and strategic about creating a thriving, profitable business.

In the Create Your Aligned Strategy Course you will…

– Connect with your vision so you know what you are working towards and make sure all your decisions are synchronised with what’s most important to you

– Create a profitable business model, with offers and pricing that set you up for success and gives you work / life harmony

– Create a repeatable, income generating marketing strategy that feels energising with zero resistance

– Clear any self-protection that comes up when you put your offers out into the marketplace so you can be courageous and safely shine your beautiful light

– Develop a sales and promotions planner to create consistent and sustainable success, without hustle or feast/famine cycles

– Be crystal clear about your next steps and integrate all the learning so you can work purposefully in the direction of your big picture vision for your most fulfilled life and business.

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Create an aligned marketing strategy and learn to love sales in the Create Your Aligned Strategy Course

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