Aligned Marketing Strategy
For Your Wellness Business

Attract clients in a way that’s aligned to your vision of your ideal life, without the hustle and overwhelm.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’d love to feel like your business is giving back for all the time and energy you put into it, the problem is you’re overwhelmed at all the different marketing strategies to choose from.

You’ve done a lot of the free challenges and spent money on courses to help you figure out how to attract clients, but each time your heart sinks a little bit more. You definitely want the results they promised but deep down you know that you don’t want to do things their way, as it doesn’t feel natural for your personality.⁠

All the blocks come up about pricing, being visible and feeling like you have to hustle your way to success. The brakes slam on and you’re shamed into thinking it’s your mindset or self-worth that’s the problem, not their method.⁠ It’s exhausting and distracting following someone else’s path to success – you just find yourself back where you started. Still confused, still searching for the breakthrough moment that unlocks the potential that deep down you know is yet to be expressed in your business.⁠


Imagine if you had a simple marketing strategy that felt completely aligned with your highest aspirations for your life and business. A simple plan that helps you move from constantly coming up with new ideas and trying to learn the new and ever-changing marketing gimmicks, to being confident and enthusiastic about selling your offer and having a reliable income. How would it feel to be open to receiving more money, clients and freedom, without burning out or using sleazy sales tactics?

Imagine if you were able to create a business that brings you joy and helps you to manifest the unique difference that you were born to make in the world. What would being able to earn a consistent income be like for you?

Introducing the…

Aligned Strategy Course

For Wellness Practitioners In Business Who Want An Energising Way To Attract Clients

What we’ll cover in the course:


Vision + Strategy + Alignment


Over 6 modules I will guide you to create a solid foundation in your business and a repeatable client attraction system so you can get paid well to do the work you love.

Plus you get access to monthly live Q&A sessions and lifetime access* to the materials.

Your Journey Through The Course


  • ​​Focus on implementation – every guidebook helps you connect with your own truth through journaling on coaching powerful questions. Then you can translate your inner guidance into practical steps, so you can take to make giant leaps forward in your business that feel aligned for you.
  • Guided visualisations and affirmations to accompany the practical work ensures your head and heart are working in harmony as you move forward with clarity. We remove the barriers, blocks and self-sabotage/self-protection so you can be focused, congruent and free to take inspired action with ease.
  • Live monthly Q&A coaching calls and a members’ only Facebook Community to maximise your learning and be accountable giving you all the help and support you need to thrive. Connect with the other members to share inspiration and encouragement along the way.

Ready To Create More Ease and Flow In Your Marketing? 

Choose The Best Option For You

Instant Access to the Create Your Aligned Strategy course with a monthly Q&A call and access to the members’ only Facebook community.

Everything included with the course
6 months access to the Healing Business Mastermind 
+ 50 masterclasses
+ fortnightly group coaching
+ monthly co-working calls


Who This Is For

  • You know that having a clear strategy and structure will help you to be consistent (which means predictable and energising and certainly not boring!)
  • You are ready to tune into your own needs and desires as a business owner and build a business based on your terms, not what the latest industry guru says you “should” want.
  • You are getting frustrated with trying different marketing methods that don’t suit you. You are open to receiving more clients, more money and more abundance so you can feel passionate about your work again.

Who This Is Not For

  • You don’t believe in the power of manifesting with the law of attraction.
  • You aren’t open to bringing energy healing, inner work, meditation practice into your business development.
  • You aren’t ready to take action and implement what you learn during the course.

What Previous Clients Have Said


The power of Sarah’s work is amazing! I received £92 straight into my account and a booking worth £150 10 minutes after our aligning with money energy session. The results I’m getting on selling my 1-1 package are brilliant too – I keep pinching myself! I’m feeling like I’ve got more structure now and like I’ve got this.


Elemental Realm Reader and Healer

I started to relax more and enjoy what I was doing. That’s when things started to fall into place and I had my best income month ever in my business.


Sobriety Coach

Working with Sarah has given me a structure to work with to grow my business into something sustainable and viable, and has helped me to evolve a clearer vision and greater belief in my work. I have rebranded, my offerings are clearer and I’m no longer under-selling myself. I feel calm and like I can simply build my business step by step, knowing that the support is there for me.


Ayurveda & Yoga Coaching

Watch the video to hear what Susan De Vriend had to say about her experience with the Aligned Strategy Course

About Your Coach

Sarah Sienkiewicz

Hey, I’m Sarah, a Strategy and Alignment Coach, Amazon #1 best seller and EFT Therapist with a corporate background in streamlining systems, coordinating projects and delivering training. I work in the health and wellbeing community to empower holistic business owners to create a business getting paid well to do what they LOVE!

I am passionate about bringing health, wealth, equality and vitality to the world and know I can’t do it alone! My work at Healing Business is part of a movement of healers, coaches and therapists who are working collectively to raise the consciousness of the planet through mind, body, energy, spiritual, creative and environmental channels. My mission is to support as many wellness practitioners as possible so that we can shine our light and make a difference in the world.

Together we rise.

Here’s What I Want You To Know:


You would not be given your gifts, talents and vision without the ability to manifest it. Your soul knows the way. Listen to and honour the calling! By grounding your dreams into a practical strategy and embodying alignment to it, you can alchemise your vision into reality.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this right for me if I am just starting out in business?

This course is designed to help you consolidate your ideas and create an aligned marketing strategy that brings you a regular, predictable income. It’s aimed at spiritual entrepreneurs running a wellness business- from those who have made a few sales already and have had some paying clients, to those who have been in business more than 3 years and are ready create more simplicity in their business and promote their offers with confidence.

How much time will I need each week to work through the course?

You will need a few hours a week, depending on how well developed your ideas are already. There’ll be a short introduction video and a guidebook to complete. You will receive emails each week for 6 weeks to prompt you, but you can complete at your own pace.

If I can’t make the live calls, will there be a replay?

Yes, there will be a replay that will be uploaded in the online course area.

How long will I have access to the course materials for?

Once you’ve bought the course you will have ongoing access so you can circle back round each time you want to uplevel your business. *Lifetime access means the lifetime of the course.

What does spiritual entrepreneur mean?

It means that I work best with business owners who know that the inner work is important. They enjoy guided visualisations, are open to using the law of attraction and love pulling an oracle card or two. They have a passion for wellness that they love to share with their clients.

What is an aligned strategy?

An strategy is a plan of action designed create a sustainable, profitable business that attracts clients regularly and brings you the kind of work and income that is fulfilling to you. An aligned strategy simply means that the plan you create is in sync with your vision for how you would LOVE your life and business to be and feels energising to you. It’s not about taking someone else’s marketing methods and going against your personality to make it work. It’s about building your business in a way that feels authentic, enjoyable and empowering for you, that fits with how you want to show up and express yourself. 

How much detail will there be about technical things like how to use the different Social Media Platforms?

In the Create Your Aligned Strategy Course you will be creating your big picture strategy. So, for example, you may identify that your ideal clients hang out on Instagram or that you would like to do keyword rich blogging to build your audience. You will use that to shape your marketing strategy but we won’t be going into lots of technical details. However, there are resources I can signpost for you in the Healing Business Mastermind, but only when you are absolutely clear that that this is an aligned action for you. The main aim of the course is to have a complete clarity on your business model and client attraction marketing strategy, not hopping around learning about lots of different marketing strategies without knowing if they are the right fit for you.

I’d like some 1-1 coaching and mentoring as well – is that an option?

No, I’m currently booked up for 1-1 coaching and mentoring.

Will there be ongoing support after I have finished the modules?

Yes definitely! You have ongoing access to the material plus the monthly Q&A calls.

The Healing Business Mastermind is a perfect next step once you have finished the course to stay part of the community. You will receive ongoing support and accountability with weekly group coaching sessions, and exclusive masterclasses for just £49 a month (minimum 6 months), so you can continue to grow your business and thrive. There is a link at the end of module 6 with all the details of how you can sign up, or choose the Course + Mastermind option and pay £133 over 6 months.

I have another question

Sure, drop me an email at and I’ll be happy to help.

Are You Ready?

Ready To Make THIS The Year To Create A Simple Client Attraction System
That Unlocks The Potential In Your Business And Gives You
A Regular Predictable Income That You Can Continue To Grow?

Ready to stop questioning your worth and attract clients in a straight-forward way that brings you the results you’ve worked so hard for already?

Let’s get started!

Instant Access to the Create Your Aligned Strategy course with a monthly Q&A call and access to the members’ only Facebook community.

Everything included with the course
6 months access to the Healing Business Mastermind 
+ 50 masterclasses
+ fortnightly group coaching
+ monthly co-working calls

All content delivered whether by Healing Business or guest experts is for information purposes only and should not be interpreted as advice.  Results may vary between individuals and results are not promised or guaranteed.

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