A Spiritual Approach

To Marketing Strategy

I’m so happy our paths have crossed!

You are an ambitious, heart-centred business owner with wonderful healing abilities and I know you have a deep desire to do good in the world!

Welcome to this safe and sacred space.

I know how it feels to be incredibly passionate about your work, yet be equally as frustrated when figuring out how to create a business and attract paying clients.

Yes sure, you can give your services away for free easily enough, but being paid? For your natural gifts? Is that even allowed?!

Sarah Sienckiewicz
Sarah Sienkiewicz

The costs of your qualifications, the insurance, the equipment, the manuals, the networking is all mounting up. Closely followed by the doubts. 

You find yourself asking, ‘will I ever be able to make this work and realise my soul purpose?’

‘Do I need to get a part time job to support myself?’ ‘How do other people manage to create a successful business?’ ‘Why can’t I?’

The oracle cards are full of encouragement, but the bank balance tells a different story.

All you really want to do is connect with clients in a meaningful and heartfelt way and share your incredible healing gifts of empathy, transformation and empowered healing with your community.

You were born to make a difference in the world


Waking up each day being able to help people and make a difference.

Feeling fulfilled, energised, and being rewarded generously for the value you bring.

The impact you can create in the world around you when your business is running easily and effortlessly.


All of that is possible for you! Dare to dream!

Whether you are looking for marketing strategy ideas, online business training, clearing mindset and energy blocks to receiving money and being successful, the support of a vibrant community or unconditional love and enthusiasm, we have all of that and more.

My mission is to help you to serve more people, fulfil your purpose and together we can create a vibrant, energised world full of abundance, peace and joy.

It begins with one heart at a time.

What it’s like to work with me

As a qualified Coach and EFT Therapist and certified Sacred Money Archetype® coach, with a corporate background in business operations, I offer a mind, body, energy approach to supporting you in building your ideal business.

We look at your big picture vision for how you would like your life and business to be, and turn that into an inspiring and aligned business model and marketing strategy so you’ll know exactly the next steps to take to bring you more clients, feel more organised and feel confident in being visible putting yourself out there, in person and on social media

Simplicity is a super power, and as a multi-passionate, creative person I can help you developed a streamlined way to onboard new clients. It’s what I love helping my clients with. Getting organised is one of my natural skills and working with me will help you reduce your overwhelm too.

Would you like to:

  • Create a profitable business model that is aligned to your vision, goals and purpose.
  • Magnetically attract clients with a simple marketing strategy that you’re excited about
  • Get organised and reduce the overwhelm when onboarding new clients and running your business
  • Be confident to show up and shine and let go of those visibility blocks
  • Unlock your money code and breakthrough your income ceiling with the Sacred Money Archetypes®

Great! Let’s work together!

What my client’s say…

Sarah has a lovely gentle and supportive way of helping you uncover what is holding you back (so often we can’t see this ourselves) and getting clear on what direction or action is really right for you.
I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching and received so many ‘ah ha’ moments and insights. I left excited about my next steps.



I joined the Healing Business Mastermind a few days ago and have already begun to work my way through the fabulous resources. Today I had my first one to one session with Sarah which began with me feeling like an unfocused mess with lots of self doubt and lacking in clarity, to feeling inspired, motivated and with some actionable steps to make the progress I need and want to make. Sarah is so supportive and understanding and I would really recommend joining.


Sobriety Coach

I had such a great session with Sarah. She’s very easy to talk to and she really helped me to understand and start to plan my short and long term business goals. Sarah used her EFT skills to help clear a long standing block to my energy.


Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Choose Your Service

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VIP Aligned Strategy
Coaching Program

Are you ready for a more bespoke pathway to bring all of your ideas to life, attract more clients and make more money from your business?

Discover how 1-1 coaching with me can shortcut your journey to success.

Healing Business V.I.B.E.S Icon Sales

Create Your Aligned Strategy Course

6 weeks to learn a simple marketing strategy that’s aligned to your unique goals so you can be open to receiving clients regularly, without the hustle and overwhelm.

From there you have the option to join the Mastermind for ongoing accountability and support.