Create Your Aligned Marketing Strategy 6 Week Course Payment Plan

£260.00 / month for 2 months

Create Your Aligned Marketing Strategy Course VIP
23rd May to 1st July

6 weeks to create a simple marketing strategy that’s aligned with your unique goals so you can be open to receive clients regularly, without the hustle and overwhelm.

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What’s Included:

  • Includes the course:
  • Welcome call – together we will create a magical healing space and set your intentions. Kinda like the white room in the Matrix where you can manifest anything you can imagine and where everything is possible!
  • Week 1: Create your vision guide. Connect with your highest vision and know that everything you create in your business is aligned with that.
  • Week 2: Creating your business model and income goals guide. Ensure that what you are building is going to be profitable and enjoyable. Plus live Question & Answer session- your opportunity to receive coaching and mentoring.
  • Week 3: Know your marketing strategy, niche and brand personality guide. Connect authentically with your ideal client and be appealing to them. No live call – implementation week.
  • Week 4: Money mindset and energy alignment guide to heal the self-protection that comes up as you begin to release your armour and activate your ideas into reality. Plus live Q&A.
  • Week 5: Learn to love sales guide so you can confidently sell your offer with creativity and excitement. No live call – implementation week.
  • Week 6: Recap and integration guide so you can track your progress, embed your learning and be crystal clear of your next steps to attracting your clients. Live Q&A
  • Graduation party to close the circle, activate the law of attraction and celebrate your wins.


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