Business Breakthrough Session


Create a Breakthrough in your Business
Move from Overwhelm and Overthinking

to Inspired Action and Rapid Results

Are you going round in circles, feeling like you can’t quite get the results in your business that you know are possible for you?

Have you signed up to lots of courses but haven’t implemented them, or can’t quite see how the lessons can be applied to your unique business?

Do you feel like you’re wasting time in procrastination, overthinking and avoiding the things that are actually going to make sales?

Are you desperate to make your business work and prove to yourself that this dream of yours isn’t just wishful thinking?

I know you have a dream of being able to serve others with the amazing knowledge, gifts and skills you have and create a life of abundance for yourself. I know you want to be able to set your own schedule, live life on your terms and get paid for doing the passionate, soul-affirming work you’ve been preparing for, for so long. Your work is not a job, it’s a mission….if only it was easier to actually attract clients.

Well, fear not m’love….that’s where I come in!

A Business Breakthrough session can help you to get clear about your marketing strategy, the exact steps you need to take so you attract clients into your business and increase your income.

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There is an easier way and having coached hundreds of wellness practitioners just like you, I can guide you to unlock your own answers and offer insights that can save you time and energy. You don't have to figure everything out by yourself.


What will happen in a session

In the 90 minute Business Breakthrough session we will clear what is holding you back (both practically and energetically), answer your burning business questions and create a crystal clear plan of action, so you go away feeling confident to take the next steps that get you the results you're looking for.

Using a blend of energy alignment, Emotional Freedom (Tapping) , NLP and expert coaching techniques you will feel energetically aligned, energised and confident in taking the next steps so that your head and heart are working together. This cuts out any risk of self-sabotage or procrastination after the call so you can be confident that you can follow through and take focused action.

Here are some examples of how you could use the session (one example represents the topic for one session ):

  • Get clear about your ideal client and streamline your products and services in an aligned strategy that makes sense for your customer journey.
  • Sort through all of your brilliant ideas to get clear on what your course or program is about and next steps to create it, including navigating the tech minefield.
  • Create a simple sales funnel to consistently attract more clients with a clear action plan.
  • Confidence to be more visible online and in videos/lives so you can show up and shine and build meaningful relationships with your audience and be the go to expert in your field.
  • Clarity on your social media marketing strategy, with an aligned content plan and promotions calendar.
  • Remove your blocks to selling so you can have effective sales conversations, sign up more clients and handle objections with confidence
  • Be able to price your products and services appropriately so you can create more profit and income in your business
  • Get super organised in your business and manage your time to reduce stress and overwhelm
  • Let go of hustle, striving and pushing and learn a softer, more powerful way of achieving your goals. Gives you less burn out, more productivity and enthusiasm for your work.


Here's what some previous clients said:

"Sarah has definitely helped me to overcome limiting beliefs, shift my mindset, get clarity around my goals and help me produce a 6 month strategy. I have always felt energised by our sessions and appreciate Sarah’s support and encouragement on my journey too! Fantastic coach" ~ Lisa.

"As a result of working with Sarah she significantly shifted my energy and guided me to launch my first online programme"~  Nicola, Hypnotherapist

Having had some coaching & business guidance/support from Sarah over the last year, I feel compelled to share with you all just how fantastic she is. I think there's a pretty strong possibility I might have given up on my goals and dreams if I hadn't started working with her. I have battled rather a lot of self doubt, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and Sarah has had a way of gently encouraging me whilst also challenging my thinking. Sarah also recently shared some tips with me which led me to feel more confident at a networking event yesterday & following which I have had two people contact me about my coaching services!"~ Carys - Career Coach

So, Are Ready For Your Breakthrough?


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