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Feeling really stuck and confused? 
Work with me one to one to:

* Discover the practical and energtic blocks that are in your way
* Create inner and outer steps to
heal what is blocked
* Be completely clear about your vision

Book a Business Breakthrough Call and if you are not 100% satisfied I'll give you your money back without a fuss.

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You are an ambitious, inspiring woman with wonderful healing abilities!

Welcome to this safe and sacred space.

I know how it feels to be incredibly passionate about your work, yet be equally as frustrated when figuring out how to create a business and attract paying clients. Yes sure, you can give your services away for free easily enough, but being paid? For your natural gifts? Is that even allowed?! 

The costs of your course, the insurance, the equipment, the manuals, the networking is all mounting up. Closely followed by the doubts. You find yourself asking- Will I ever be able to make this work and realise my soul purpose? Do I need to get a part time job to support myself? How do other people manage it? Why can't I?

The oracle cards are full of encouragement, but the bank balance tells a different story.

All you really want to do is connect with clients in a meaningful and heartfelt way and share your incredible healing gifts of empathy, transformation, empowerment and vitality with your community.

You were born to make a difference in the world.

The business stuff just feels so difficult sometimes! You really need a breakthrough. And soon.

Well, I'm here to shine a beacon of hope on that sludgy, low vibe energy!

I'm here to tell you that You Can Do It! You have not been given these dreams and visions without the ability to make them come true.

Lightworker, it is important that you hear this message. People are sick, miserable and broke. They are stressed. They are in pain. They feel disconnected. Some are beginning to wake up.

These people need our help. We need to be ready for them. You were born to make a difference in the world and I am here to help you figure out the business stuff. I promise to make it simple and inspiring. Enjoyable even! Let's lighten this whole thing up and re-light that fire deep in the centre of your being.

Imagine waking up each day being able to help people and make a difference. Imagine feeling fulfilled and energised and completely aligned with your purpose. Imagine being rewarded generously for the value you bring. Imagine the impact you can create in the world around you when your business is running easily and effortlessly.

All of that is possible for you! Dare to dream!

Whether you are looking for strategy ideas, online business training, clearing blocks, the support of a vibrant community or unconditional love and enthusiasm, we have all of that and more.

My mission is to help you to reach more people, fulfil your purpose and together we can create a vibrant, energised world full of abundance, peace and joy.

It begins with one heart at a time.

Come and hang out with us in the Healing Business Academy Facebook group.

About Sarah...

Sarah Sienkiewicz is a Strategy & Alignment Coach. She runs Healing Business and is passionate about giving healers, coaches and therapists the support and business skills needed to attract an abundance of clients and fulfil their divine life purpose. Blending practical resources with law of attraction and energy alignment, Sarah's creative and enthusiastic approach is an inspiration to lightworkers in her community, the Healing Business Academy.

Read Sarah's inspiring story of how she created her lifestyle using the law of attraction, in Amazon #1 bestselling book, Mumpreneur on Fire 3
Magnetically Attract Clients Into Your Healing Business
  • Discover how every Health and Wellbeing professional can use the scientific principles of Law of Attraction to create their ideal healing business.
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