Healing Business Mastermind (3 Months – No Calls)

£33.00 / month for 3 months

Instant access 50+ online trainings so you can grow a thriving business and attract clients with a spiritual approach to marketing strategy.

In the Healing Business Mastermind you will learn how to:

  • Create a vision for your life and business so you can work intentionally and activate the law of attraction to manifest your dream into reality.
  • Design a marketing strategy that aligns with your vision and how YOU want to work (rather than what you’ve been told you “should” do) so you can create a system that regularly and predictably attracts clients.
  • Manage your money and elevate your wealth frequency so you can receive abundance by facilitating health shifts and healing for your clients.
  • Energetically transmute sabotage patterns that come up, like perfectionism, imposter syndrome and procrastination.
  • Learn to love sales and feel completely congruent with your message and inviting clients to work with you.

Set up your monthly subscription of £33 x 3 and get instant access today for July, August and September 2024.

Please note, there are no Mastermind group coaching calls for this product.

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