Do you know what I see time and again in my coaching practice? Beautifully talented healers, coaches, therapists and creatives, like you, who have a passion, a purpose and a wonderful gift to share with their community. Who are stuck. The biggest challenges once qualified, is how to reach out and share those gifts in an ever changing market place. The obstacles are lack of confidence, low self-belief, lack of business knowledge, lack of money to invest, fear of technology and the illogical belief that it is somehow wrong to receive money for your services.

Feelings of being shy, humble and unworthy of greatness.

But underneath there is a burning passion that is waiting to break through. A passion for helping people, a passion for health and a passion to raise the vibration of the planet. A calling to be part of the solution to the health crisis affecting so many. A calling to heal the traumas of the past and be a beacon of hope for the future generations.

I sincerely believe that the tipping point is being reached and people are awakening to their true spiritual nature in ever greater numbers. It is vital that we hold the light for them and help to guide them on their way to healing. A health, vitality and an abundant life awaits! It's up to us to stand tall and shine brightly. 

Would you like to feel confident in your knowledge and experience? Feel safe to talk about energy, creativity and your soul without fear of rejection? Feel capable and consistent to share your passion for what you do?
Attract an abundance of clients?

As more people wake up, they will approach their own healing journey and it is for us to assist them!

We are needed! The time is now and it's my mission to help you!

Are You Ready For A Breakthrough In Your Healing Business?
Are You Ready To Live Your Purpose And Serve More People?
Are You Ready To Receive The Abundance That Is Waiting For You To Claim?
I'm Sarah Sienkiewicz, your Strategy & Alignment Coach and my passion is helping healers and lightworkers to

 +remove business overwhelm.
 +gain clarity about business strategy.
+streamline systems.
+bring a sparkly energy healing for extra goodness!

I have a corporate background in facilities management, human resources and being a PA to the management team. I  was skilled at supporting business owners and was always that go to person because I knew everyone and was always helpful and friendly. (I was networking before I even knew it was a thing!). I took a career break to have my children during which I felt a calling to step into a leadership role and blend both aspects of my passions into a new career - the logical, practical, administrative side and the part that loves spiritual and personal development. Bringing that Gemini vibe into a more integrated way of being! It's been a journey that's for sure!

I am living the lifestyle that I designed in my journal 10 years ago, thanks to the law of attraction and my conscientious nature!! And I can guide you how to create the life of your dreams and call it into being.

I bring grounded, practical solutions and blend them with heartfelt energy work. I am creative and have qualifications as a Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique therapist and Soul Coaching Oracle Card practitioner.

I am deeply spiritual and love bringing energy work and law of attraction to business. I believe it brings business to life and makes going to work lots more fun!
Let's Work Together
As well as the Healing Business Mastermind which is jam packed with all the online training you need to take your business to the next level, I offer a 1-1 coaching package for more personalised support.

Single Business Breakthrough Session £125

Perfect for those of you who have a simple sticking point that you would like clarity around. A single one-off session can help you get unstuck and help you create the next steps to move you forward. It could be brainstorming content creation, marketing strategy, sales funnels, value ladders or overcoming a confidence or energy block. Also a great,
no-obligation way to find out what it's like to work together, without committing to a program. You can have them as often as you like and is kind of like a pay-as-you-go option.

Energising, insightful breakthroughs for your business on a flexible basis.

Add Six Coaching Sessions £100 each
A fantastic next step for you if you have a project or deeper blocks to break through. Ongoing support that ensures you get the support you need. Ways in which you could (but are not restricted to) use the sessions:

Create your high vibe goals.

Design your ideal business and marketing strategy.

Create a practical action plan designed to help you succeed, activated by the law of attraction.

Remove the blocks and limiting beliefs holding you back.

Build confidence and energy - with a super supportive coach alongside you every step of the way.

Access to the Healing Business Mastermind throughout the coaching program
open your mind, body and energy to vibrant ways of being.

Accountability so you can follow through, be consistent and gain positive momentum.

Exciting, empowering breakthrough for your business bringing success and fulfilment.
Client's Results Include

  • Attracting new clients. 
  •  Healing energy blocks to success. 
  •  Action planning giving them clarity and focus. 
  •  Creating marketing strategy and business alignment. 
  •  Removing stress and overwhelm, feeling much calmer. Improving discovery call process so clients say Yes! 
  • Clear about next steps and confident and energised to take them.
  •  Clarity around their Ideal Client - making all their marketing efforts more effective. 
  •  Confident and inspired to dream bigger and stretch their comfort zone. 
  •  Improvements to productivity, feeling more organised and more calm and in control. 
  •  Lightbulb moments, releasing stagnant energy, more money in the bank, more belief and less stress! Yay!
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ONE TIME OFFER: Would you like more than just a breakthrough? Tick the box and receive SIX COACHING session for just £100 each. Create a breakthrough, set exciting goals, create a success plan, clear the limiting beliefs AND get support and accountability every step of the way. There's no need to go it alone or lose consistency or momentum. Add this package now!

Here's What You'll Get:
  • Clarity on what may be blocked in your business
  • Experience energy alignment coaching
  • Unpick the overwhelm and get crystal clear about your next steps in your marketing strategy to attract more clients
  • Breakthrough and move forward in your healing business with confidence and clarity
  • A fresh look at your vision, re-energise your goals and feel empowered
  • Feel like you've got your sparkle back
  • Clear out the heavy foggy feeling so you can feel excited and passionate about your business again
  • Create a business that fits into your lifestyle and create an achievable success plan
  • Let go of hustle, striving and pushing and learn a softer, more powerful way of achieving your goals
  • Release old negative patterns and beliefs that are standing in your way of your true potential
  • Serve more people, more often, make more money and make a difference to the lives of others
  • Completely confidential service
  • 100% money back guarantee, subject to Terms of Business.
Money Back Guarantee
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Coaching sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes and are held on Skype, Zoom or over the phone.
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